2023 Shell Sabbatical and Postgraduate Research Internship Application

2023 Shell Sabbatical and Postgraduate Research Internship Application

The 2023 Shell Sabbatical and Postgraduate Research Internship Application: are an intended internship student searching for where you can obtain your internship training? The Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) Joint Venture is currently accepting applications.

2021 Shell Sabbatical and Postgraduate Research Internship

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, once you’re suitable you can apply. However, the current internship program is for postgraduate research internship students looking for where to do their internship program. The Sabbatical attachment gives Senior Lecturers the opportunity and chance to obtain their research or other activities that would contribute to SPDC.

This postgraduate research internship program provides opportunities for Nigerian Postgraduate students to gain industry-related work experience. They’ll also carry out some topical research within the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Ltd.

This internship program is for African students, if you’re an African student, then this information will benefit you so well. No need to keep searching for where you can obtain your internship program because, in this article, you’ll a specific place where you can do your internship training.

The internship program allows and enables students to gather more knowledge on the field of their study. It’s often difficult for most students to locate a good place they can get the knowledge they’re seeking.

This article will help you know about She knows how you can apply for Sabbatical and Postgraduate internship application. Keep reading to note the information you’ll need for the application.

How to know if you’re eligible- 2023 Shell Sabbatical and Postgraduate Research Internship

The truth is that this company might not accept everyone who applies for their internship program with them. However, for you to be accepted you must go through their requirement and eligibility criteria, to know if you pass the test. Now, look at the listed steps below to know if you’re qualified or not.

  • For you to be qualified to apply you must be a University lecturer from the rank of Senior Lecturer and above or must be a Postgraduate student currently enrolled in a full-time study program at any Nigerian university.
  • The intended applicants must have an interest in carrying out research in his or her areas of disciplines that are within the thematic areas of Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC).
  • Finally, applicants should be willing to do and abide by the guidelines governing the interns of SPDC.

Below are the requirements for lecturers who want to make their research on a sabbatical. The teams and disciplines required;

  • The first is the environment: Impact Assessment and Biodiversity, Environmental Toxicology, Air Quality Assessment, Hydrobiology, Water Chemistry, Hydrogeology, Ecology, and more.
  • The second is External Relations: Social Performance |Social Impact Assessment; and GMoU Implementation
  • Also Community Health: Consultant Community Health; Obstetrics & Gynaecology; and Paediatrics.
  • Oil Spill Response: Mechanized Bioremediation.
  • UniBen CoE: Geology and Petroleum Engineering.
  • Nigerian Content Development: Process and Project Engineering.

Note that this research duration is for the duration of 12 months, all the above listed are the courses obtainable in the company and you can easily research about any of these things in the company. Also, note that the above listed are mainly for lecturers who want to make research in the company.

For postgraduate Research Students, the teams and disciplines;

  • First is Environment: Impact Assessment and Environmental Compliance Monitoring
  • The second one is Occupational Health: Health Promotion; and Epidemiology/ Statistics.
  • Then lastly, Oil Spill Response: Eco-friendly Bioremediation (Non-intrusive, In-situ).
How to apply for 2023 shell sabbatical and postgraduate Research Internship Application

The application step of this internship program is very simple; with the steps below you can apply for the shell sabbatical internship program yourself.

  • Applicants must present a summary of how the candidate wishes to add value to the SCiN business during the 12 months sabbatical and it must be up to 400 words maximum.
  • He or she must present his or her Personal and educational details.
  • Applicant must present a relevant Work Experience
  • Present a maximum of three (3) referees
  • Your Application letter stating team/discipline of interest will be needed.
  • Present your research Proposal including Study background, technical objectives, /methodology/data required, and expected outcome also it must be up to 1300 words maximum.

Applicants must have a valid email and a functional phone number. Remember, to apply for the internship program, you must visit their online website with the above-listed requirements. Note that the deadline for this application will be on 22 September 2022.