About Us

www.irokonews.com is a  blog site that was created on the 1st of March, 2016 and also commenced its operation the same day. We are marketing the United States market. This blog is set to provide readers with useful technical information, business ideas, credit cards, and the latest mobile apps.

The information on this website is the sole idea of the writers. Make efforts to consult other websites before concluding on your decisions.

We have a group of writers that surf for the latest information bothering tech, business, apps, and related information.

Our Vision
To be one of the leading media content providers in Nigeria and Africa through the pursuit of innovative ideas and excellence in rendering quality media services, providing the latest technology, and popping up trends in the entertainment industry.

Our Mission
To make a positive impact on our readers and society by providing reliable and quality media information products on Technology and credit cards. we hope to provide useful information that’ll help you find a solution to your tech and credit card challenges.

Our Core Values
Providing usable information that’ll help you solve your problems in the shortest possible time.


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