African dating sites | African American Dating websites

African dating sites | African American Dating websites

There’re a lot of African dating sites that young people can use to express themselves and find a company with those that care about them. Most times, when the word dating is heard most people mistake it for having a sexual relationship.

African dating sites

In a real sense, dating must not be for this purpose only. They’re far more things you can get and benefit from having a healthy relationship.

There’s a school of thought that says that ‘’once the purpose of something isn’t known, abuse is inevitable’. So, don’t date when you don’t know why you’re dating.

African dating sites help young people who are single to know meat opposite sex that is single. From there, they can know each other better, understand themselves and possibly start a relationship that may lead to marriage.

Unlink in the past, parents arrange a life partner for their children or siblings and other family members. Now, young people meet themselves in different platforms like social media, seminars, schools, churches, Mosques and other social gatherings and when they find out that they are compatible, they tend to be attracted to each and possibly start dating and some will end up in marriage. Whereas others can foster great friendship for fun and mentor in their respective areas of interest.

Facebook dating is one of the ways African singles can find dates online just like people of the other continents.

Some of the African dating sites

There’re a lot of dating sites that African youths or African Americans can meet themselves. Some of them are Badoo dating site, Bumble, Happn, tinder,, and so many others.

Nowadays, young singles find themselves more in Social media, hence meeting each is now very easy as some can go as far as traveling from one state or country to another to see their new friend.

Two most popular African dating sites

Social media has increased the communication level in the world. However, Africa isn’t left out. The social development is fast rocking the black continent and nearly every youth in African is in one social media or the other.

In as much as businesses are using social media to increase brand awareness and attract customers, Dating by young people is also greatly influenced by social media activities.

Countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, Ghana, Mozambique, and other countries are quite active in online dating sites.

The traditional way of hooking up for marriages isn’t in vogue again as most youths resort to dating sites and apps to hook up.

Well if you’re interested in any of the dating sites, you must be careful because of scammers who’re everywhere looking for someone to scam.

Down here are 2 African dating sites that I want to review is a popular online dating app that is very popular in African and American. Though it’s more popular in Asia but a good African dating website.

If you want to be on this platform, you must create a personal profile that needs your mobile number and a Facebook account.

After creating your account, search for people close to your location. The app links you to people around your region for an easy match and connection for dating.

 You can use the free and also has a premium model that you have to pay to have some upgraded features.  It has the app known as the badoo app which you can download from the Google Play Store or iTunes in more than 180 countries.

2. The

It’s another great dating websites in Africa. Here, you can really meet real African women for dating. You can see them ranging from different sizes and shapes as the case may be. If you want to get a life partner from Africa, this site if the right place for you.

Since it was launched in 2002, it has over 2 million users.

How you can sign up for Afro introduction

If you want to sign up you’ve to use your email address, location, gender, and age. Or you can link up with your Facebook account and key in your details in the available box.

Steps to locate people on

After you’ve signed in, upload your photos

 Enter your profile details about the photos

Give a short blurb about the photos and complete the profile by entering your age, location, ethnicity, religion, lifestyle, Zodiac signs, material status, kids, divorced, etc.

Communication in

You must show interest icons by clicking on the heart icon at the person’s profile to show you’re interested in them. Also, you may add them as your favorite.

You’ll see a notification to show that you’re online and you can now send and receive instant messages.

Members can post video and audio chats to verify if both of you match before you meet. However, the feature is only available for paid users known as premium users. But no premium users can only receive messages from others without audio and video chats.

Categories in the site

Standard- Enable users to search for people based on interests and preferences and paid members.

 Gold- In the gold category, you communicate with all members, use video and audio chats and send instant messages with ad-free browsing and anonymous browsing as well.

Other dating websites

There’re other dating sites that may interest you. Some of them are USA dating sites and Facebook. On Facebook, you can see some dating groups and singles nearby where you can meet a lot of singles and mingle with them. Also, and tinder are good sites for single to meet there dates too.