Amazon Music Login | Stream Free 50 million Songs Online on Amazon

Amazon Music Login | Stream Free 50 million Songs Online on Amazon

Amazon music login is a way of accessing the Amazon music playlist section by every Amazon user. However, these help users stream free 50 million songs which also include prime membership.

Amazon Music Login

So, if you are not using the Amazon devices or you didn’t in any way subscribe to the Amazon service, then you can’t access its features.

However, the Amazon music login process gives users access to a wide range of Amazon music services and features. In addition, Amazon music holds millions of songs, playlists and more from the different genres for its users to enjoy. In addition, the feature also has an app, which is known as the Amazon Music App. Though these services are not available to every country.

Amazon Music login – How to login

The music login process isn’t very complex and Amazon users don’t have to keep logging in if they have done so using the Amazon app. Mostly if you are using any Amazon devices like the Amazon fire tab, Alexa and etc. Down here is how to login to Amazon music.

  • Visit the  website at
  • Fill in  the email address you use in registering for the service
  • Enter your password the account

How it works Amazon Music Playlist Works with Alexa

Not only can you make your own playlists featuring your favorite songs, but prime Music also has experts who create playlists for any activity. More so, they can still create a playlist for mood or special occasions.

There are more than 2,000 playlists, we already got you covered if you don’t have time to create your own. So, to start music plays with Alexa, say “Alexa, play The Top 50 Musicals tracks” and boom it scans through the songs and starts playing.

Check the most popular playlists: Its popular playlists change with the seasons. Though lately, best of what’s New to prime and The Top 50 Most played in the Country music and it’s the most popular. Then, you’ll find plenty to choose from.

Ways to find what is new in prime music

Go to and check out the latest music every Friday

How to use Prime music and Alexa at the same time

This is easy! All you have to do is ask Alexa to play music, from something specific to Jazz to rock to pop music.  Then, ask Alexa to play your favorite artist. If you don’t want you and

Set a music alarm the night before “Alexa wake me up to morning music”.

Very well then, it’s good you can make a playlist and download them to listen where ever you are. This may not have a network connection.

If you want to move beyond the basic Prime Music Service, you can get unlimited access to over millions of songs. In addition, more playlists and stations and the newest tracks release, with exclusive songs and albums. You can start with a 30- day free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited.

Amazon Music Unlimited – The Free Tria

Most importantly, you can get about 50 million songs to stream from. Also, you can have access to different genres on the Amazon music platform.

Amazon Music Unlimited is really free for a period of 30 days. Then after 30 days, free trial users will now need to pay a monthly fee of about $7.99 or $79 yearly.

I advise you to try the Amazon music app for unlimited music streaming since it’s an everyday companion platform to ease your mind.