Amazon Prime Credit Card | Pay Amazon Prime Credit Card

Amazon Prime Credit Card | Pay Amazon Prime Credit Card

Apply for Amazon Prime Credit Card- Have you been searching for the perfect credit card? Looking for extra amazing perks and benefits? Search no more! Amazon Prime credit card makes happy while you spend. With an Amazon Prime Credit card, you get paid for spending your money.

amazon prime credit card

Therefore, ensure you make your payments with Amazon Prime credit card when you shop from anywhere. But first of all, you need to Apply Amazon Prime Credit Card as to have full access and also have one to call yours. Afterward, you also need to create your online account.

It is worthy to note that with an Amazon Prime credit card, every bit of your shopping done at or any other store is very gainful. It pays you more than your days without the credit card. It’s always an amazing experience having this  credit card. One reason is the 5X bonus credited to your wallet each time you purchase with the credit card.

Secondly, your ability to redeem your rewards is also activated. However, this is available if only your membership was genuinely activated through the official process which is the card application.

You also need to know that the credit card is applied only by Amazon Prime customers. If you don’t have an account with, you cannot access the application page. In order for you to Apply for Amazon Prime Credit Card, you have to sign in to the shopping account first.

Don’t panic if you don’t have the shopping account yet. We will guide you through the process in this article. We have broken it down step by step. Go ahead and have fun learning.

Ensure you apply to the credit card to realize that you can always earn by just making purchases with a credit card. Above all these rewards that you’ll get,  you will still pay no annual fee for your credit card. Additionally, you don’t need to pay any international transaction charges.

Have you seen a Credit card better than this? Amazon goes ahead to credit your account for each purchase made both online and offline with their card.


  1. Enjoy 100% of exclusive offers available to cardholders.
  2. Earn a 5% bonus on your purchases when you pay with an Amazon Prime card at any Amazon outlet
  3. Also, enjoy 2% of your purchases at the pharmacy, gas stations or restaurants returned as bonus points.
  4. When you use other stores, 1% of your purchase amount comes back as cashback.
  5. Most importantly, there are zero international online transaction charges while using this outstanding credit card.
  6. Another feature that makes it outstanding is that point redemption is easy.
  7. You can also save up for your next travel. These are amazing returns of having this credit card.


If you want to have this credit card all to yourself, ensure your profile is on In simpler terms, you must have an account at for shopping first. This is necessary so that you can access the card application page.

  1. Start by opening your web browser and log onto
  2. On the far left side of the page, click on “Sign In to Apply“
  3. The Amazon sign-in page will come up.
  4. Enter yourEmail address linked to the account.
  5. Click on continue
  6. Enter your password on the new page that will come up.
  7. Click on login to your account and start the credit card application
  8. Provide all details required from you.

How to Apply For Amazon Credit Card Without Login

  1. Log onto
  2. Click on Sign in to Apply
  3. As you don’t have an account to login, go down and click on Create Amazon Account
  4. Create Amazon account and return back to login
  5. Log in with the linked Email address and password.
  6. The credit card registration page will come up
  7. Apply for your Amazon credit card online and wait for an approval sms.


Login Amazon Credit Card Account

To manage the credit card effectively, login to your Amazon The shop has organized this credit card the way it will be managed with the same shopping account. This is the reason for signing in or signing up the Amazon store account before accessing the credit card application page. Go ahead and enjoy shopping on the go with your new card!