AOL Account | Create Your AOL Email Account with ease

AOL Account | Create Your AOL Email Account with ease

 AOL account- AOL, founded as America Online, is an online web portal and service provider in New York City, they are subjugated to Verizon communications.

Aol account

In the mid-’90s, AOL became of the pacesetters of the internet and AOL brand is well known amongst its internet peers.

Also, is has one of the largest users bases in the United States of America boasting over 20 million active users.

such, the services that AOL provides cannot be overemphasized in the growth and success of the company in the early days of the internet,

Services provided by the platform include

  • AOL video that allows video uploading,
  • X-Files which allow cloud storage,
  • AOL News,
  • dial-up internet,
  • search engine
  • AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) allows registered customers to communicate in real-time, sadly the services of AIM was ended on December 15, 2017.

Create Your AOL Account | Sign-Up

To enjoy the services and features of AOL fully, t is paramount that you register as a user, i.e, you must have an AOL account.

Creating your AOL email account is easy and fast. Just follow these steps to create your account):

  • Go to the homepage via the URL link
  • Then click on the sign-up icon. This will take you to the signup page.
  • Fill out the pop-up form. The information usually required is
  • Your username
  • Password,
  • First and last name,
  • Location
  • Zip code,
  • Date of birth,
  • Gender.
  • Click the sign-up icon once you’ve filled in the required fields.
  • Go to the AOL homepage and click the “sign-in “link at the top right corner of the page and this will take you to the AOL login page.
  • Fill in the username and password of the account you just created in the text field and click “sign-in“.

After all this, you will be logged in. With just one account, you will be able to enjoy every service and features provided by AOL.

AOL Account Features – AIM Email

Your AOL mail account has tons of amazing integrated and associate features which makes it a good email service for you.

Hence, we will be explaining some of the features you get to enjoy on your email services

Organized emails

AOL mail offers one of the best email coordination available, searching for any file or mail is as easy as ABC

Storage Ability

AOL supports an even bulky amount of mails so size is no threat to the service.


You can also add attachments to your emails which cannot exceed more than 25mb just like its email contemporaries such as Gmail and Yahoo.


You can customize the outlook of your email by selecting from the various incorporated theme available on the platform.

Email signature

AOL account allows you to create and customize your signature and you can go further by adding links and images to it.

Hence, AOL is a good email service that could easily be standing up with other email services standards.