AOL Mail For Free: What is AOL Mail and how to create it


AOL Mail For Free: What is AOL Mail and how to create it

Do you know about AOL Mail For Free? Just as the name sounds, this is an email service that enables users to create addresses for free. Surprised? Maybe you’re wondering what it means and why you should probably try it out. Well, you should definitely read on, because I’ll be discussing the term AOL mail. So what is AOL mail?

aol mail for free

You can’t complete the reading of this article without understanding what it means. Let me quickly explain what this means.

What is AOL Mail?

This is an email service that’s similar to Yahoo mail. However, It offers users a safe and delightful email experience. It offers a personalized mail experience that allows user to contact their loved ones far and near.

Meanwhile, AOL was an American web portal and an online service provider. It’s located in New York, so you can easily find it there. This service was founded in the year 1983 by Marc Sheriff, Steve Case, Jim Kinsey, and Wiliam Von Meister, the listed persons are the ones that founded this mail.

Some of the features of AOL Mail-AOL Mail For Free

AOL email service has some really interesting and nice features which make it a must-use for individuals. With this mail, you can enjoy the following benefits;

  • Users can send up to 25 MB of email attachments.
  • Also, the maximum mailbox is up to 1,000 new messages, 4,000 old messages, and up to 4,000 sent messages per screen name.
  • Also, both POP3, SMTP, and IMAP are protocols.
  • This mail can be linked to other email accounts from different service providers.
  • Ads are displayed in this mail.
  • The embedded links within are automatically disabled and only the user can activate it.
  • There’s spam protection with this mail.
  • Also, this app provides virus protection.
  • It also has Inbuilt spell checking.
  • It has Domains.
  • Finally, it supports SSL/HTTPS after logins.

There and more are features for you to enjoy. However, if any account is not active for more than 60 days, there’s a probability that it will be deactivated. So you should always make your account active.

Is AOL email for free?

Since you already know what AOL mail means, let’s quickly talk about the app. AOL email service has a mobile application that is compatible with any device type including iOS and Android.

So with this mobile app, users can have a better experience on their devices. Furthermore, the app is free to download from the App Store of the smartphone you’re using.

Also, note that the app isn’t just for email services. You can also use to stream videos, read the news, and know the weather condition.

Meanwhile, Installing this app is free and it’s simple and fast. To do this, simply follow the instructions below;

  • Go to the Application Store on your device, open it and type in AOL.
  • With the result, you’ll get From it, click on the first one to load the information page.
  • Once the application has been loaded completely, click on “Install”.
  • The app will be installed and you can start using it. So Create an account if you do not have one or login if any.

How you create a new AOL email account?

To Sign up for an AOL email account is simple and can be done using the mobile application or web portal. So to create an account, simply follow the procedures below;

  • Open the app on your device or your browser and then enter
  • Click on the Login or Join but on the left side.
  • Click on the “Create an Account Below” option.
  • In the provided form, then fill in your first name and your last name.
  • Enter the desired email address you wish to use.
  • Choose a password of your choice.
  • Choose your country and fill in your mobile phone number.
  • Also, fill in your date of birth.
  • Click on “Continue” to commence.
  • Then verify to being human.
  • Finally, with these steps, your new email address would be created and you would be requested to verify the account.

However, if you already created or have an account with AOL email, you can simply log in. in case you want to sign in, simply open the app or URL.  Then fill in your email address and password.

Finally, click on Login to load. your email inbox will be loaded on the device immediately if the details provided are right.