AOL Sign In – AOL Mail Account Sign in

AOL Sign In – AOL Mail Account Sign in

 AOL sign in –AOL mail service platform offers various features and services to its users. Ranging from access to various activities on the platform. Many users who use these services don’t know how to go about in accessing them, some are new to it. This article is going to be looking at the AOL sign-in process in the AOL email services also known as AIM mail.

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AOL mail delivers a nice service delivery to users on the AOL email platform. In AOL mail users are exposed to a wide range of features. For you order to sign in users who don’t have the AOL mail account can start by typing the URL and click on the CREATE ACCOUNT caption to start a signup process. In the subheading below are few features in the AOL email service platform.

AOL Sign in – What to Find on AOL Mail

After rounding up with all the process, users can explore their AOL account in all areas such as
Inbox: This is where the user can see messages sent to them from other email users.

 Sent: This is one unique feature of the AOL email service. Where users can see messages that he or she has sent to other users

Draft: Users can keep messages that they want to edit or to send in the future.
Spam: This feature holds messages with unprotected and malicious content.
Trash: Deleted messages and files are seen on the user’s account. Users can still delete these files permanently from the trash as well. The AOL mail service platform still has other features like calendar, folder, contact an archive.

AOL Sign In – tips on accessing your AOL Mail Account

This procedure is for users who already have the AOL account but don’t know how to go about the sign-in process. In order to learn about the sign-in process, read the steps below;

  • First, open any internet browser of your choice on any device, for example; PC, smartphone, tablets, and pads.
  • Type in the URL as shown in the second paragraph of this page. A page containing recent news feeds and videos will appear. You would see a big search engine bar in the middle of the page.
  • Click on the Login/Join caption located at the right upper part of the homepage displayed on your screen.
  • A mini page would appear for users to fill in their details, you would fill in the user address you provided while filling out the signup form. After that, click on the next bar at the bottom. Then for users who don’t have the AOL account can click on the sign up at the bottom of the page. To start a registration process.
  • The next page will request you to input your password. Input the same password you used while registering for the account. Then click on the next bar, the account would automatically process account creation.

AOL Email Password Recovery

Users who are having trouble with their AOL email account password, or have forgotten their password, can recover their password by clicking on the forgotten password bar at the extreme bottom of the login page.

Password issues are one problem that is one thing you encounter as a user of email services. Nevertheless, the AOL mail service have made easy provisions to the solution of such problem if encountered by users