Apple Code Discount | How apple code Scanner Works

Apple Code Discount | How apple code Scanner Works

Apple code discount-Apple code discount is mainly for apple users. I’ve so many things I’ll be talking about Apple code discount. And also how it works and how you can benefit from it. Do you know what apple code is? If you don’t know about it, I’ll be talking about it as well. Apple iPhone has some hidden features and more that we are still discovering.

apple code discount

They’re some new features that have been trending on Twitter and on blogs; it’s also another kind of scanner which is dedicated to QR codes. If you haven’t used an apple code scanner then you’re in the right place. Because in this article I’ll show you how you can use it.

Apple code discount

Apple code has some beautiful discounts for their users; to access it is very cheap. However, you can scan QR codes using the shortcut from the control center. You can open your camera app and it’ll scan a QR code.

This is very affordable. App code scanner takes some steps further by presenting some information that’ll be helpful to users.

When this app is been scanned, you can get to know what’s inside the QR code. Most times the scanner code in this app is not always on the home screen of the Apple device. However, it’s mostly found on your iOS 14’s new App library.

The method you can use to search for a code scanner app is by using the features below. This information is for those that want to scan their apple device.

  • Go to your iPhone home screen the shift down within the middle of the screen.
  • You’ll see the search bar at the top of the screen alongside some other apps and shortcut suggestions below it.
  • Fill in apple code or scanner. As you fill it in, you’ll see the code scanner app that will appear as an app suggestion.
  • Then click to open it.

How you can add an apple code scanner to the control center on your device

You can customize your control center to your liking if you don’t have the QR scanner shortcut added to your control center. And you can do that by following the steps below.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and click on your control center
  • Click on the customize controls
  • You’ll see an option for scan QR codes when you look under more control.
  • Click on the white plus sign in the green circle to the left
  • Finally, you’ll see a scan QR code under the include option.

Now let’s look at few ways you can use to reset your Apple ID password. This information is for those that have lost their own or misplaced it. However, it’s very easy to reset your password; all you need to do is to follow the few steps I’ll be showing you.

Also, note that resetting your Apple ID depends on the type of security you choose for your Apple ID. However, it might be one of these security processes listed below.

  • Two-step verification
  • Email password and security
  • Two-factor authentication

I’ll be explaining each of these steps and how you can use either of them to reset your password.

How to reset your with Two-factor authentication on iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad

  • Make sure your device is running iSO 10 or later.
  • Go to your device settings
  • Fill in your name
  • Choose a password and a security button
  • Then press to change your password and follow the onscreen instructions. Either for iOS 10.2 or older then press on the “iCloud” icon, selects your name, and go and take the onscreen procedure.

These are the steps you need to follow when you’re using two-factor authentication. Now let’s look at another step.

Reset password with Two-factor authentication on your Mac device

  • Go to the Apple menu
  • Choose the “system preferences” widget.
  • Select and click on the iCloud button
  • If it asks you to put in your apple ID password, then click on the “forget apple ID password” and then follow the instructions that’ll be provided.
Rest your password using another person’s app device

Are you surprised? Yes, it’s possible; all you need to do is to follow the steps below. However, this method is applicable when you can’t access your device.

  • Search for the “my iPhone app” option on the device.
  • You’ll see a sign-in page that’ll display, if the apple ID shows, delete it. Just make sure the field has no ID in it.
  • Finally, follow the onscreen instructions. However, if you can’t view the sign-in page, log out of the account.
How to reset your password with your email, password, and security questions.
  • Go to your Apple ID account screen and click the “forgot apple ID password” option.
  • Fill in your Apple ID
  • Select the option you want to use to reset your password and then click on “continue”
  • From that option, you can select how you want to reset your password. However, if you want to answer the security question, you can click on “answer security question” and click. Now, to reset your email, simply choose the “get an email” option.

Finally, you can reset your Apple ID password with all the information provided in this article. I believe you won’t have any issue applying them.