Apple Internships : How can I get an Apple internship?

Apple Internships: How can I get an Apple internship?

Apple internships is a  program that has been trending for some time now. So many students around the world have been eager to know more about apple internships and how they can apply for them. It’s simple, all your desires and questions will be answered in this article.

apple internships

Apple offers an internship program to every software engineer and product designer and marketer. This internship program usually lasts for 12 weeks or more every summer and winter.

Going for your internship program with apple is like a lifetime opportunity. However, it gives internship students the opportunity to work with apple. However, students can get internships at Google, the FBI, and other Big companies and government agencies.

Apple Internships – How to get  an Apple internship

Apple internship program offers all software engineers and product designers and also marketers to obtain their internship program with apple for a duration of 12 weeks. This internship program mostly occurs every summer and winter period.

However, all selected applicants will be paid a decent salary along with an apartment, transportation, and travel arrangements.

Also, they’ll have a chance to attend lots of beautiful and special events. However, have a brand name “apple Inc” will increase your chances of getting a job offer from Apple.

How you can apply

Applying for an apple internship is always competitive and also it’s highly demanding. One of the ways you can apply and get this internship is by applying on time. Always be observant to note when the form or the internship program starts so that you can be able to apply for it.

However, to apply for it, you’ll have to search for an internship in apple job for the internship that’ll match your course or skills. You can also apply for more than one position depending on your profile.

The first thing that makes your application interesting is an online portfolio. Creating an online portfolio will make your application well accepted.

Also when applying, you’ll have to create an attractive CV. All fame that accepts internship students also accepts CV; the only thing that’ll make you more qualified is when you present a CV that’s attractive. Most industries or offices don’t usually have time to go through your resume.

Because of this, you’ll have to avoid making your resume too long. It should appear more simple and easy to read. When creating your resume, add some work experiences, your skills, and more.

Your employer would want to know if you’ll be of help to their office so because of this, you’ll have to add things that’ll make your CV okay.

Apple Internship Acceptance

It doesn’t really stop at being accepted to do your internship with apple. When you’re accepted, they’ll conduct an interview for all selected candidates. However, you’ve to prepare for it. The interview questions you might be faced with are really different from what you can find on Google or on Facebook.

All candidates will be interviewed based on the role they’re applying for. Most time, the interview will be conducted by the manager of the team. When you prepare for the interview questions, you’ll have more chances to be retained.

I can’t specifically tell you what the internship question is, but I know the questions that you’ll be asked will not be far from your course. I’ll suggest that all selected candidates should go through their notes and also make sure they know so well about what they’re applying for.

Payment for Apple Internship

All selected candidates will be entitled to a fee. While you do your internship with apple, you’ll receive so payment. Apple pays their entire internship student. Apart from the knowledge, you’ll get from the apple internship program, you’ll also make some money for yourself.

All internship students will receive $38 per hour, every month the student’s salary will be up to $6,700. These are one of the benefits of doing your internship program with Apple. They also make provision of an apartment for their entire internship student. You won’t have to stay alone, you’ll also meet some of the internship students that you can read and mingle with.

Some benefits of Apple internship

All internship students with apple will have an opportunity to get all their desired knowledge from them. You’ll receive some amount of money while you do your internship program with apple.

About the money you’ll be paid, I’ve listed a specific amount all candidates will get while they obtain their internship program. However, Apple will give all candidates access to meet with some of apple’s company staff. Starting from the company executives to the CEO of apple. All of these and more are what you stand to gain as an internship student with apple.


Apple gives opportunities to thousands of students every year to obtain their internship training with them. Once you follow the guideline in this article, I believe you’ll be accepted.

They’re some things apple looks out for in every student that’ll apply. They want students with good skills and work experience, please while applying for it, ensure you add all of it in your resume.