ASDA GIFT CARD Online | How to Check ASDA Gift card Balance


ASDA GIFT CARD Online | How to Check ASDA Gift card Balance

Asda gift card belongs to the Wal-Mart family and it’s among the top leading Britain Supermarket which provides a great variety of home appliances, electronics, books, toys, groceries, clothing and many more. It offers a gift card that enables customers to make an easy purchase of goods from the ASDA stores.


It’s exclusively for use at the Asda store. So, you can’t use it to make purchases online or exchange an e-voucher. The management of the gift card site is SVM global. Also, the gift card can’t be used to purchase a lottery ticket, gift cards or even at a gas station.

If you want to protect your gift card balance, the best thing you can do is to register your Asda gift cards on the Asda site in case of a lost, stolen or a damaged gift card.

How to register your Asda Gift on Asda site

The steps below will guide you to register your Asda gift card on the Asda site. However, if you’ve he registered already, just log in with your information. In case you don’t have an account yet, create your own account with the steps below.

On your browser, log on to the Asda website  at

Tap on the ‘register’ button

Fill in your name

Your email address in the space given

Select your special password

Confirm password if it’s correct

Provide your telephone number or mobile  phone number

Provide the address of your city, country, and  passcode

Click the register button to finalize your registration

After registering your card, it’ll now give you the access to all the details of your Asda gift card  just by clicking the ‘’Manage account’’ on the page.

How customers can Buy Asda Gift Card

Whenever you want to buy a gift card, Always remember Asda .Look out for the Asda participating stores follow the instructions to buy your gift card. To buy your gift cards, use the procedures below:

Log on to any of the Asda participating stores’ sites

Choose any of the Asda gift cards you want to buy

Select the value of the gift card

Include your name and email in the space provided for it

Fill in an optional message

Select  a delivery date for your card

Tap ‘’add to basket’’

After buying your gift cards, it’s your sole decision to spend all of it on a single purchase/transaction or to save up the gift card balance for use in the Future. All your unused balance will be saved in the gift card pending when you want to spend it.

However, you must know that you can’t use the gift card to buy another card, but it can buy multiple gift cards in a single transaction.

Where to spend your card

Once you have your Asda card, you can spend it in any of the participating stores across the UK. Some of the stores include High street Voucher, Zeek, Voucher express, Gift card Center and so on.

Checking Your Gift Card Balance

Customers can check their balance in two ways:

Through the Asda balance Checker on Asda online

Using the customer service desk in  any of the Local participating stores

Checking your gift card Transaction

If you want to check your gift card transaction, you’ve to register completely to the and have your own account. Proceed to the manage account section and view your gift card transaction.

Ways to redeem your Asda Gift Cards

To redeem your Asda gift cards, use any of the participating stores. Just Visit the Asda store, Present the card number and the PIN sent to You through your email from the participation store checkout operator.

One good thing about the gift card is that you can give the gift card to friends and loved ones as gifts. Just locate the Asda 360 stores across the U.K and give the give the gift card to your loved one.