Audiomack – Download & Stream Music on

Audiomack – Download & Stream Music on

Audiomack is currently a fast rising place for artists to comfortably share their music, it is also a place for fans to get and download free songs and albums.


All you have to do to post to a song on the website is to click on the sound icon on the edit page or post screen.Then paste the net link to a song or album. The audiomack download will generate the necessarily fixed codes and other data required for downloads. It’s just as good as Waphan.

If you’re a DJ the audiomack  isa great site to use due to its advanced audio standards.There is no price cost as users won’t spend a dime on downloads because it’s completely free.

Audiomack prides itself with unlimited uploads, unlimited data, and completely free services.

One reason to use the positioning feature is that Audiomack uploads data frequently.This helps users know at every given moment “what’s trending.”

This is often probably one amongst the explanations for the existence of Audiomack: to make songs easy to upload,

This is the major reason the site can obtain as many tracks as possible. Also to rank them by pleasant popularity that creates other sites obtain an outstanding standard.

Users have access   to upload audio files on the platform. Though, each song upload should  have a limitation to 250mb in size.

This is often a typical size for DJ mixes (for a 320kps mixture of a pair of hours).

For larger files, Audiomack makes the helpful suggestion that you simply can just act on and lower the bitrate before uploading it again.

Audiomack User Benefits – SoundCloud | Audiomack Uploads

It uploads only allow mp3s, which is actually reasonably limiting.

You’ll normally be able to upload by pasting a link to a track on SoundCloud.

Though the user must enable the download’ feature on Audiomack.

You should note that it does have a “pro” service feature.

The pro feature is referred to as ( Premium or AMP) for monetization which needs an application for approval.

It’s unclear what it consists of but earlier articles proposed pre-roll ads and revenue split between the rights holder and Audiomack.

Each upload also features a link to shop for and follow for download options.

The Audiomack Community | SoundCloud Streaming Service

Audiomack PR’s efforts are in good line for ages now, this is due to the versatility of the platform.

Note that concept is more business than music   and the platform is sometimes brought up as a corporation (on the rise).

As of August 2015, Forbes stated that it had 7 million unique visitors per month.

About 4% of the last announced SoundCloud figure of 175 million (and that was from December 2014).

How to sign on 

For users to enjoy optimal streaming on this platform, the user must sign up and have an audiomack account.

Listed below are some instructions  to assist you in doing that.

  • Log into the website on any internet browser on your device via this URL link
  • The user will see an indication in/sign up caption on the highest right corner of the homepage click on the caption.
  • A pop up page comes up where users will need to fill in a username and password of their liking which can be utilized when signing in.
  • You will required to input your email address in completing the sign-up process.
  • Users can still use their Facebook address within the signing up process.

After providing the required details required the user should then click on sign on icon below.

Automatically the user profile appears which then signals the completion of the account.