BambooHR Login Portal | Bamboo HR Pricing, Support & New Integrations

BambooHR Login Portal | Bamboo HR Pricing, Support  & New Integrations

BambooHR login portal will help you to join 13,000 plus active organizations around the world that are using Bamboohr to ease workflow stress. In other words, let’s help you go through the account set up and the BambooHR login process.

Bamboohr login Portal

BambooHR Login

Additionally, BambooHR is built to ease employee management. Free more time for other tasks in workplaces with committed and dedicated digital solutions. Over the years, Companies and businesses are in search of ways to manage employees and accomplish more with less time.

For this reason, two people with individual differences (Ben Peterson and Ryan Sanders) met in a restaurant and after conversing for a few minutes parted their way.

They Reconnected back after ten years and thought on how to put a smiling face on employees and managers by creating a human resources management software that will make the work experience more fun, happy, and enjoyable.

That was when the idea of BambooHR was born, with one singular aim; to make people smile when they use BambooHR. Over the years BambooHR has received different “Awards” spanning from “Best Company to work for” Front Runners, a great place to work, and a lot of other awards.

In this article, I am going to be revealing to you how to login to your account, pricing, support, and new integrations.

BambooHR Login

  1. Firstly, Visit the login page here
  2. Also, Enter your BambooHR domain
  3. Lastly, Click continues.

Where is my Domain Name?

In case you don’t know where to locate your domain name or you’ve forgotten it, here is how to get it back;

When you are logged in;

To see your domain name when you are logged in to your account, look at the address bar in your browser, the name or text before the is your domain name. If you are not logged in you can ask a work colleague.

BambooHR Pricing

Easily get a price quote for your company, visit here and fill in your company details or contact BambooHR at 1-866-387-9595 or [email protected]

In simple words, Bamboohr has a model of payment called Pay-per-employee per-month with an advantage package from $8.25 and an Essential package from $6.19.

BambooHR Support

For more information and inquiry contact the customers support team at;

Toll-Free: 1-866-387-9595

Phone: 801-724-6600

Email: [email protected]

BambooHR Sign Up

  1. Firstly, Enter first and last name
  2. Also, Input the email address
  3. Next, Enter the password
  4. Click the “Get Started” Button
  5. Also, Key in work phone
  6. Also, the Company name
  7. Select numbers of employees
  8. Next, Choose your country
  9. Again, Enter company domain
  10. Tick the “Terms & condition” box
  11. Lastly, Click “Create Account”.

BambooHR Integrations with other App vendor’s

Recall that the ultimate goal of BambooHR is to keep integrating with new apps. To foster new app features and make employee management more easy, quick, and smart.

Visit the BambooHR marketplace to view a list of App vendors Bamboohr integrated. IN the same vein, you will learn more about different features that will accelerate your management experience in your workplace.