Bank of America Credit Card | BOF Card Enrollment & Benefits


Bank of America Credit Card | BOF Card Enrollment & benefits

Bank of America Credit Card Registration is an essential requirement to be able to enjoy the benefits reserved for cardholders.

bank of america credit card

This process registers your credit card for online engagements. This is so that you can check your balances and all transaction history. You can do all these without going to the bank but using your mobile phones. Undoubtedly, this is the easiest way to function with your credit card. Strive to activate your card now and enjoy all its unending benefits.

Like its name, Bank of America remains the best bank that has its customers’ wellness to heart. You can easily apply for three Bank of America credit cards. Some cardholders don’t know that it is an easy process. And that it be easily accessed online.

It’s easily accessible when a cardholder has presented his/her card details online and at online enrollment portal precisely. Having said all the above, let’s see some of the reasons why you should do Bank of America credit card registration.

Bank of America Credit Card Registration

This registration is a categorized way of enrolling your credit card to Bank of America online banking platform. At this point, it should also let you know that having a Bank of America online banking account is enough for you to get your card registered online. Registration makes it activated. Activation in turn will help it to bring your credit card account to your face anytime you log in.

Interestingly, making transfers and reporting credit card problems becomes easier when a card can be accessed online. This is unarguably what every cardholder needs. Without this account, you cannot enjoy your credit card. It is dangerous to use your credit card blindly without knowing whether a transaction goes through or not.

Once you register a Bank of America credit card, you will be notified of successful transactions, non-successful, pending transactions, and the rest of them. Importantly, security alerts will easily reach you. As well as checking your FICO score becomes as easy as snapping your right finger.

Haven seen these benefits of the Bank of America credit card account, I’m sure you are ready to proceed with the Bank of America credit card activation. Sit up, let’s proceed immediately.

How to Activate  Card Online

To activate, start by registering a Bank of America online banking account. It is during the online banking registration, that you will be prompted to sign up with either your BOF credit card details or just your BOF account number. Since your plan is to activate a credit card, choose to sign up with credit card details. Let’s follow the steps below :

  1. Open your web browser and log onto
  2. Go ahead and enter your credit card number instead of your account number
  3. Input the SSN/TIN related to your credit card and then, click on Continue
  4. This lead will see you through your credit card BOF activation.

Alternatively,  the steps can go like this;

  1. Log onto on your browser
  2. At the login section fixed at the left side of your screen
  3. Navigate to below the password column and then click on Enroll
  4. The enroll link will lead you to
  5. From there, you can now enroll in your credit card.

 How to Sign In 

To sign in is not a hard process. Bank of America credit card sign in is just the first thing you will see immediately after is logged in. The online banking login is the same as the credit card login.

Go ahead and log onto the Bank of America online website. Go straight to the login section to enter your user ID and password. With this step, you will see yourself online.

Enjoy your card!