Bank Payment Apps | Best Bank Payment Apps for Your Money Transfer

Bank Payment Apps | Best Bank Payment Apps for Your Money Transfer

Bank Payment Apps –Payment in the early 80’s and 90’s was always been cash hand over from your wallet.  Presently, bill payment is very much easier with the payment apps. People can now conveniently send and receive money and make payments with the various payment apps available.

Bank Payment Apps

These days with a swipe across your phone, you can make payments and send money to your friend, relative or make transactions within seconds. In this article, I’ll be guiding you on the best Bank Payment apps you’ll need for your bill payments and money transfer for people both locally and internationally.

Best Bank Payment apps


PayPal is the big boss payment app which has been there since 1998. Presently, it’s the most preferred digital wallet and it’s the payment provider for eBay purchases.

With PayPal, you can make transfer money from any U.S based bank account and other foreign accounts. PayPal.  PayPal doesn’t charge any fee for the fund transfer to people from a PayPal Balance or the account balance.

Though, when making a transfer from a credit card or convert currencies, PayPal charges some fess.


This is a mobile credit card processor that enables peer-to-peer payments. It’s just like the Venmo, though, it doesn’t have social features.

Users can easily send money or request money from anyone with a Square Cash account. The funds are taken from a linked bank account through the debit card without attracting any cost.

Like the PayPal, Cash has a wallet feature which enables one to send money from a linked account without retaining funds in the digital wallet. Presently, there’s a new feature in the Square cash to buy and sell Bitcoin, unlike other Payment apps.


Venmo is a sister Payment app to the PayPal app. However, Venmo is slightly different for the PayPal. It’s designed mainly to send money to friends with some social aspect.

You can sign in and access your account on the web. It works perfectly well on the go with your smartphone. Venmo seems common with the young people in developed countries and big cities for little reimbursement.

You can use it for little-shared expenses. Also, you can use it to make payment or send money with your linked debit card bank account.


Zelle pays people from their bank account. This is only possible if the person is making the transfer from a Zelle participating bank. Also, the receiver should have an account with  Zelle participating bank. The Zelle participating banks include Capital One, Wells Fargo, U.S bank, Bank of America, Citi, Chase, and Ally.

However, you can send money without installing the app on your phone. You can also, download Zelle app and connect it to your bank account. It’s free, just sign up with your primary account.


Google wallet is among the best Payment apps you can trust for your money transfer.  It integrates with other products such as your Gmail. It enables you to send money using via email using the Google Wallet and Gmail.

The criteria are just your Google account. As soon as you have your google account, you’re good to go.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger: Wow, this is most interesting part of the bank payment apps. Since almost everybody is on Facebook, it’s easy to send money to them without having them to sign up a separate account. All they need to do is to add a debit card and you can be paid.

The payment info is private. As soon as you send the money, the person you’re sending the money to sees it, the amount, your name and your profile photo. Once the payment is accepted, it’ll show in your bank within five working days.