Basic AMP | Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP

  Basic AMP | Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP

Basic AMP- Accerated mobile page ,you probably can’t wait to try making your own. But what you must know it that it helps your site get traffic fast.I felt the same way as well but slow down hot blood, are you aware of the risks in creating an AMP page.

Basic AMP

Calm down, creating an AMP page doesn’t mean that you are probably going to be dealing with the CIA or FBI.What about the rewards, well there is certainly no vacation to Venice anytime soon.

Now you have to extreme possible cases when it comes to pros and cons, well take a step back let us educate you based on creating your very own AMP.As well as the advantages and disadvantages involved in creating one.

Now you let give you a snippet on the advantages you will probabl have problems more as we go on.

Deep research and study one of the leading experts when it comes to researching Tech and IT, says that AMP pages and websites can load two to four times faster than normal pages and websites.

What is a Basic AMP 

I’m sure by now you have an idea of what it stands for and can do for you, well let’s do a quick recap.It’s an abbreviation for Accelerated Mobile Pages. 

The program is one of Google’s many tools, its sole purpose is to create a rival of sorts for apple news and Facebook instant articles.I mean you cant just create a rival for a Google service and just expect to walk away freely.

This app is for mobile browsing to have its web pages load faster.It makes accessing page fast once the AMP program is active.

Another snippet, just by integrating the AMP program into your pages, the rate at which mobile visitors can reach your page is increased.Are you licking your lips yet? we all know what an increase in users to your website can do for you.

Merits and demerits of Accelerated Mobile Pages

The major benefit of using this app is the increase in traffic to your website.Then there is the benefit of getting a higher SEO ranking.

While for now there is no major demerit of using the accelerated mobile pages.

As of now, there is almost no disadvantage of using Accelerated Mobile Pages but if you have a trading website, then using this app comes with a little risk.

The reason for that the mobile users visiting your site might not get the first impression of your site. And as they say, the first impression matters a lot. 

This app is designed to strip away non-vital HTML codes from your website, while this makes the site load faster you also run the risk of losing vital components.

So by now, I’m sure you see a pattern here, It is ideal for content websites, especially those with guides and news, while detrimental to product offering sites.

How to construct a Basic AMP Page

We currently have two methods to create your basic AMP page.The first method is using a WordPress plugin.

Using a WordPress plugin entails that you are running a WordPress site. WordPress sites are very easy to run, most things are already in it, so managing the pages are quite easy. 

WordPress owners sometimes have little to no idea about coding or programming so that should give you an idea about how easy it is to have a word press site. 

The second method when creating n AMP page is by coding. While coding is difficult especially if you are not a coding or programming pro.

Now don’t sweat it even programming experts will tell you that it is not an easy feat to code.Now you probably sweating it and thinking that it is such a big deal to create an AMP page. 

Well luckily for you there’s an official website designed just to help you every step of the way.Did you seriously expect Google to create a feature that will be difficult to use? 

One good thing about this AMP help website is that it free and there are currently no plans by Google to change that yet

How to make a Basic AMP Page using the WordPress AMP Plugin.

  • Open your WordPress website dashboard.
  • Click on Plugin and select “Add New”.
  • Look for AMP and select the “Install” button on the official plugin. The official plugin created by AMP Project Contributors.
  • Click on the “Activate” button and you good to go.

Creating a Basic AMP Page using HTML

We’ve earlier stated that you can simply go old school and create your AMP using coding.Use HTML to create your AMP. 

The website created by Google and it teaches you how to create your AMP site.

To access the site simply click Here.

Now click on ‘‘get started’’ and follow each instruction given.