Best video call app | best video calling app in the world


Best video call  app | best video calling app in the world

Best video call app – Video calling is one of the best ways to communicate with people in the world right now. It has a myriad of applications ranging from calling your friends and family to even business purposes.

best video call app

There are lots of Best video call app in the world right now, but which apps are the best to use, well we are going to show you.

I’m sure you have used one video calling facility or the other over the years especially if you are social.

There are even strictly video calling streaming platforms and even normal platforms are adopting ways to support video calling on their platforms.

Best video call  app to  Use 

So what are the best video calling apps in the world right now, remember that apart from just social calls and business ones, we also have other purposes for video calling?

Even gaming platform these days support video calls.


 Facetime was one of the apps that kick-started the whole social video calling phenomenon.

The platform was introduced by Apple in 2010 and it’s exclusively available on the iOS platform.

Facetime is one of the most popular video calling platforms, we petty sure every iPhone or iPad user has used Facetime at a particular time or moment.

But Facetime has some serious disadvantages.

One is only available on the iOS platform.

Two there is no sharing capabilities of the app, which means you can’t invite to your facetime video chat.

Google duo

The duo is Google’s answer to Facetime, duo started as a one to one video sharing platform.

But it has expanded its video capabilities as it now supports up to 20 participants.

The quality of the duo is not as superb as apple’s Facetime, but it has one, a major advantage over Facetime.

The major advantage is the fact that it is available to both iOS and Android. But unfortunately, it also lacks video sharing capabilities that Facetime lacks as well.

You create an identity on duo with your phone number, so you don’t need to sign up with your email address as normal with most Google service.

It also allows you to preview a caller before answering a video call without revealing yourself. You can download the Google duo app on both IOs and Google app stores.

Facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger is the second most downloaded app in the world right now. Just behind Facebook’s Whatsapp and ahead of even the super popular Tiktok.

And with good reason, the messenger is so popular that these days people just create a Facebook account so they can be on messenger. Messenger has seen many updates that have made it popular over the years, they include.

  1. Messenger stories
  2. Audio and video calling
  3. Messenger room

These have gradually improved the popularity of the app over the years. Plus your Facebook messenger is now synched with your WhatsApp in such a way that you can invite your WhatsApp contacts to your messenger room to participate in video conference calling.

The major advantage of the Facebook messenger app is its cross-platform capabilities. This means you can use the Facebook messenger over iOS, android, windows, and Mac devices.

Facebook messenger has a minor disadvantage being that it is not business-friendly, you might use it for your business calls if you choose.

But it lacks the business quirks that most business-friendly video-sharing app has,

Remember that you can easily download the app on the various apps store of the above-mentioned platform.


 zoom became the most social media video chatting app in 2020, and for good reasons as well.

  1. It supports up to 100 participants, this was their major advantage over other video calling app. it means you could hold virtual classes, hold large meetings, and even fairs and conventions
  1. Videos can be recorded, so meetings are easily revised.
  2. It has lots of collaborative tools, these tools help business participants as you could schedule a meeting, share the meeting link, limit who attends the meeting, etc.

With all these features you probably think this will rank as the best video calling app, well too bad it has one major disadvantage.

The meetings can only last for  40 minutes.

Well, that’s it for zoom, and remember zoom is a cross-platform video calling app.

You can access it on iOS, android, mac, and windows as well.

You can even use window browsers as well.


 facebook’s WhatsApp or usually, just WhatsApp is the single most popular social media app in the world. You register with your mobile number, you chat and calls are all end to end encrypted.

End to end encryption means that nobody can sneak into what’s going on in your calls or texts. WhatsApp video call supports up to 8 participants on their video calls.

However, its integration with Facebook messenger means that you can invite participants from WhatsApp to messenger rooms. This means you can automatically have over 50 participants on WhatsApp video call as well.

Another popular fact is that you can even chat or video call when taking flights with your number. The major drawback is that you are required to have a messenger in your mobile device in other to have over 50 participants.

The next drawback is that it is only available via the app, so yeah no window or Mac allowed.


 skype is probably the oldest known video calling platform that was purchased by Microsoft for a whopping $8.5 billion, an astronomical figure at that time. (take that facebook haters)

Well, let’s just say that skype is the most business-oriented video calling platform available. Other than its excellent business and video tools available, Skype is also known for its cross-platform capabilities. You can use skype on all mobile and PC/Desktop platform.

Moreover, you can also call the international numbers via skype, though the service is not free. But skype boasts one of the best video quality around.


A house party is one of the new generation video calling platform. So it quite leans towards younger audience demography.

Unlike the above-mentioned apps, house party has a very casual nature, you don’t have to invite someone to a video chat.

You can just be in a house party playing the in build games like UNO amongst others and a video call just pops up.

Houseparty is a cross-platform app as well, so you can install use the app on mobile devices and PCs as well.


 let’s just say that bunch is a gaming video calling platform, it has a bunch of games different people can play will video calling online.

Like houseparty and Zoom, Bunch became extremely popular in 2020. We are sure this was due to the unique features it possesses.

It supports up to eight participants which are seen as the major drawback to the platform.

List of games available on bunch include

  1. Trivia games
  2. Flappy bird clone
  3. Billard amongst others.


Instagram video sharing app is another app that gained popularity in 2020, its services is unlimited, you can also invite people to participate in video conferences.

You can also restrict unwanted people from participating in your video calls as well.

The major drawback is the number of participants, it’s for just six participants maximum.