Best Video Sharing Sites | best video sharing platforms-share videos online

Best Video Sharing Sites | best video sharing platforms-share videos online

 The Best Video Sharing Sites –We’ll be sharing with you a lot of interesting sites that you can share videos from. With the help of the internet, so many things have been made easy. Before now most persons share videos through Bluetooth only, but now, you can share videos through various apps.

best video sharing sites

In the past years, videos were mostly shared by the brand that wants to market their product. Video sharing has improved so well, the number of people who visit some of this site has increased.

Most American internet users use video downloading sites. This site helps you to take note of recent and trending videos. One beautiful thing about this site is that you can create your own video and upload it there.

We’ll let you know, how you can record your digital video, how you can upload it to any of the sites; you’ll get to know about these steps before the end of this article.

How to share video: Best Video Sharing Sites

Sharing videos is very easy; you only need to know three major things you’ll need before you can start sharing.

  • Get a device for your digital recordings.
  • Get an internet connection.

Without these two things, you can’t create your own video. You can get your video from your device camera through video editing software or without editing software. Most video recording sites will allow the recording of video directly to the site, without any software.

How to record directly from your device:

  1. Firstly you need to connect your recording device to your system through a USB or firewire cable.
  2. Search for the direct recording section of the recording site.
  3. You can then turn on your recording device and press the record button to start recording.
  4. Once you’ve ended the video, the video-sharing can now compress to the video clip.
  5. Finally, your new video clip will now appear on the website without any editing or a special touch.

You can also upload videos on the site by using video maker or iMovie or final cut pro. Right now, we’ll proceed by listing some of the best video-sharing sites.

  1. YouTube:

This is one of the most useful video sites, over 1000 persons visit this site on a daily basis. People call it the king of all video sites while some persons see it to be the best.

A lot of videos have been uploaded in this app, anytime you desire to search for a video, visit this youtube site and you’ll see it. All types of videos are on the site including music tutorials, movies, and more.

Youtube features include:

  • It supports up to 80k resolution
  • It has an upload limit of 128GB or 12 hours of videos depending on your choice.
  • also has Monetization.

Youtube allows you to share and watch movies. This platform has made a video sharing a source of income to so many persons. However, this app has so many ads that might be annoying to the users. It’s possible to remove the ads, but you would have to get the premium version.

  1. Dailymotion:

Dailymotion is another beautiful video site, it’s similar to other video sites and it also allows users to watch, share, and upload videos on the site. Users are also allowed to upload videos of an hour and a file size of 2GB.

Features of Dailymotion site:

  • It allows up to 4k Resolution.
  • It also allows various formats.
  • Dailymotion allows the uploading of 2GB and maximum video length of the hour and it also uploads per day.
  • Monetization is also available.

With the site partner program, it’ll allow you to make money from your videos. This platform is very good for the marketing of video.

  1. Facebook Watch:

Facebook is one of the social media platforms all around the world, in this platform you can find any range of videos you want. Most persons take advantage of this platform, including marketers and small business individuals.

The features of the Facebook watch include:

  • The posting of videos, up to 10GB and maximum video length of 4 hours.
  • You can create a studio.
  • Monetization is also available.

Facebook has introduced so many platforms for video making or creation. Facebook creator studio helps creators to post videos and manage their subscriptions. Facebook has always been creative to meet up with another platform.


This platform is mainly designed for gamers, in this platform, gamers use it to stream their gaming sessions.

Features of Twitch site:

  • It allows videos up to 6000kbps.
  • A premium account is available.
  • It’s created for gamers.
  • It allows Monetization.

Twitch content is different from another video-sharing site.  This site has over 11,000 partnered creators on it. With this app, you can watch all streams ad-free.


This site is one of the most popular sites that users prefer to use. It plays a large role in popularizing lip-syncing videos. When it comes to creating videos, TikTok is easy to use and it has so many features that can help you create your own videos.

Features of Tiktok include:

  • Tiktok has so many attractive filters.
  • It gives you access to free music.
  • It has a wide range of AR objects.
  • Tiktok allows video sharing of 15MB or videos of 60 seconds.

You can explore videos of the different genres on TikTok, such as comedy, dance, and many more. It allows a big collection of free music that allows you to make your own videos.

5. IGTV by Instagram:

Instagram now has an IGTV that works with other video-sharing platforms. It is majorly for mobile users.

The Features of IGTV:

  • This platform supports only the mp4 format.
  • It’s good for short videos.
  • It has a video limit of 15 minutes for mobile users while an hour on the web.

This platform is so popular and it’s good and user-friendly.

These are the video sites, you can download them from your app store, go to play store and search for the app you want to download, open it and then click on download.