Build Card application | Build Card Credit Increase

Build Card application | Build Card Credit Increase

The Build Card is a card that helps to develop and build up the Credit score of those with poor credit history.  Build Card helps card Users to build a stable monetary future, it comes in simple to-utilize highlights and straightforward terms placing clients responsible for their credit.

build card

The Build Card is offered by Republic Bank and Trust Company. It is a MasterCard and in this way card Users enjoy the full advantages of MasterCard services.

Benefits of Build Card

  • Cardholders get reasonable Credit choice. They get an acknowledge line for clear forthright valuing
  • No security store required. Not at all like anchored cards, there is no store expected to gain admittance to a credit line
  • Cardholders approach their record 24/7 through the online web or cell phones.
  • Acknowledged around the world, one can shop wherever MasterCard is acknowledged
  • Zero obligation extortion insurance.
  • Cardholders can make charge installments with certainty on account of the simple installment for regular costs.

Fees And Rates of Build  Credit Card

  • Yearly Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases – 29, 9%
  • APR For Cash Advances is 9%
  • Effortlessness period is None
  • The least Interest Charge is $0.50
  • Outside Transaction charges is not needed Yearly Fee is None  charge for Build credit card
  • The Enrollment Fee is $72
  • The Loan Fee is $10 or 3%
  • Extra Authorized User Card Fee is $12
  • Late Payment is up to $35
  • Over the Credit Limit is None
  • Returned Payment is up to $35

The most effective method to Apply 

To apply, one must be given encouragement to apply for the Card.

  • When you get your offer code go on the web
  • Explore to the application URL
  • Give the offer code and application ID
  • Following 7 days the card will arrive by means of mail

Steps to activate the card

  • Login to  the landing page at
  • Explore and snap ‘Actuate Card’ Icon
  • On the following page enter the information  of your credit card like the  Credit Card Account Number, First Name as shows up on Card, Middle introductory, Last Name, Last 4 digits number of your Social Security number, Expiration Date, CVC/CVV Number, Date of Birth, State and Zip Code

Look down to the next section of the page and tap on the Submit button.

Instructions to Login 

  • Login to your account  page
  • On one side  of the page  tap on Sign-In Widget
  • Enter your User ID and Password in the clear space
  • Next, tap on ‘Sign In’ catch

Step by step instructions to recover Password  

  • On the Build ‘Login’ Page
  • Look down and tap on overlooked your Password
  • On the new page, Complete the information required, Account number, First Name as shows up on card, Middle introductory, Last Name, last 4 number of your Social security number, Expiration Date, CVC/CVV Number.
  • Look down and tap on the ‘Following’ catch.

The most effective method to make Bill Payment

Your bill payments can be made by Logging into the credit card account on the web

Also, it’s possible to use programmed Deductions from the CC Company from your record by  Setting up autopay.

Normal Payments by mail

Construct Card

  1. O. Box 660269

Dallas, TX 75266-0269

The Build Card Customer Service Number

The Customer Service Center Number is available for all inquiries and data via 1-800-634-9558