Bumble | How to sign up Bumble using Facebook Account

Bumble | How to sign up Bumble using Facebook Account

Bumble is one of the free online dating applications available to singles. It’s a location-based social app that facilitates communication between interest users.


Therefore the app makes it easy for dating and meeting new friends.  Majorly, the platform is made for girls who have a way to control what they want.

Particularly, if a swipe is made across to a female on the platform, she will be the one to accept the offer or decline it.

However, if she leaves the offer pending for 24hours without replies they’ll remove the swipe. wow, this sounds like girls really being in control of what they want.

Though this is seen as a feminist platform, it’s not only for the girls alone.

However, it also allows the male counterparts to join the dating platform as well.

Therefore, whatever type of relationship you ‘re looking for you can as well find it on bumble.

Also, users can sign up using their Facebook account, phone number and have options of searching for romantic matches or, in BBF mode friends.

More so, the platform is a good social and dating application that helps in facilitating communication with users of the same interest.

Also, it is fast growing dating websites for all internet users either female or male.

However, the platform also has premium service for users as well as a free service, etc.

Brief History of Bumble

Bumble was founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd shortly after she left Tinder, which is also a dating platform.

Therefore, Wolfe sued Tinder for sexual discrimination and also harassment for $1 million in September 2014.

Amidst the media attention surrounding the lawsuit, Wolfe and CEO Andrey enter into a partnership in which Andrey makes an investment of over$10 million on the deal.

Therefore, this gives him a 79% ownership of the company.

Furthermore, the company’s headquarter of this app is in Texas and Austin and has 70 employee staff globally. Also, the platform has about 22 million users.

Thereafter, the partnership was established, the pair recruit fellow Tinder departees Chris Gulczynski and Sarah mick to design the interface.

Three months later Bumble was launched in December 2014.

Kinds of matches

The platform has  two kinds of matches on the Bumble platform for users to use to get acquainted which includes:

  1. Same-sex matches: There is no restriction in this section,(male and female)the opposite sex can send a message across each other.
  2. Heterosexual Matches: Particularly, in this kind of match enable the female user to initiate the first contact move with the male counterparts.

Some Basic Features of Bumble App

  • Bumble Bizz: In this mode, it helps business people or users toon the platform to share business ideas.
  • BBF Mode: This enables users to find platonic friends using this platform. This app automatically switches a potential date with other people.
  • Music Mode: Also this platform allows users to connect their Spotify.

Ways to sign up on Bumble using Facebook account

Therefore, to sign up on this platform is very easy especially when you follow the easy step below:

  1. The first thing user should do is to download and install the app via Google play store’
  2. Use the Facebook caption to sign in.
  3. After that, Click on login with the FB application and hit on the open caption.
  4. You’re to give access to the location service by accepting the Bumble access location.

However, this option will make you match with people within the location.

  1. Also, you’re to allow notification access if you wish to configure this in the settings.
  2. Click on the X icon at the bottom of the screen to follow the app tutorials.
  3. Next is to upgrade and extras, if you want the offer click the sign Me up Caption also click the X icon to cancel the offer.
  4. Finally, after following all these steps, you’re set, ready to start using this dating app and its amazing features.

Mind you, users can also sign up using their phone number.