Canada Visa Lottery Application – How to Migrate to Canada

Are you looking for Canada Visa Lottery? Well, it’s important that I disclose it to you beforehand, so that you can read this article with an open mind; Canada does not and had never had any form of VISA Lottery Programme.

But there are other easy routes one can migrate to Canada legitimately, which we will disclose before the end of this article. From the Latest Information gathered from a Private Canada Immigration Agency, Canada has Only Immigration Programs.

Don’t be sad, you’ll be glad that at the end of this content, you’ll see alternatives to Canada Visa Lottery Program. I Promise to carefully guide you through the processes required for an easy Migration to Canada.

About Canada Visa Lottery

CanadaVisa has stated that the Canadian Government does not issue visas via a lottery. Be smart and careful not to lose your hard-earned money to any online or offline vendor or any Agency promising you a Canadian VISA on a lottery. is officially run by the Canadian immigration law firm Campbell, Cohen, a privately owned company with more than 40 years of experience assisting clients who want to move or permanently migrate to Canada.

We have researched that Canada VISA Lottery Has existed over the years but due to the constant Amendment of the Canadian Immigration Laws by the Canada Immigration Commission, anybody coming into Canada must have passed the test by the Canada Immigration.

In an Immigration and VISA Process, you can get a Permanent Residency Visa, Work Visa, Visit Visa, Student Visa, Work Holiday VISA, Business Visa, etc. Seeking any of these you should have been a part of the List of (80) Immigration Programs in Canada. For these reasons, no Application Path is the same as everybody will be handled differently.

Which Canadian Immigration Program is best for me?

Due to how unique and Immigration Process can be, one will be left with the question of “Which Immigration Program suits his/her Status? ”

I have a post-secondary education

Canada is highly interested in your Academics as it will help ascertain your employability strength. Immigration Programmes like Province Nominee and Skilled Worker will help add a Score to your Immigration Points.

I have skilled work experience (one year or more)

This means you’re fit to join the Canadian Labour Market and a contributing member of the Society and the Community you find yourself in Canada. Skilled Worker and Province Nominee Immigration Programmes will increase your points to become a responsible Citizen of Canada.

I have a Canadian job offer

Having a Job that means a certain level of requirements qualifies you for a Canadian Visa easily. You have a Job Offer in Canada means that you have been found Competent to contribute to the progress of Canada as a nation. A Skilled Worker Direct Entry Programme will do and you are up for a Permanent Residency VISA.

I have friends or relatives in Canada

If you have a Close family Member in Canada who requested that you come over to Canada, you’re up for a Family Class Programme.  In another hand, if a friend invites you over, you have a chance to join the Province Nominee Programme. Your stay in Canada will bring about growth to the Community of friends.

I have already worked or studied in Canada

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Here a Special offer is given to those who have worked or pursued a Degree of any type in Canada. The Offer allows you to share your experience in Canada as a tool to join in the Future that Canada is Building. The Quebec Experience Class programs and Canadian Experience Class offer will give you the opportunity of a permanent Canadian immigration visa.

I have a high Net Worth or significant financial resources

You have a High Net-worth or you’re running a business that will qualify you for many Canadian Immigration Programs in Canada. The idea here is that your accumulated Wealth will also help Canada Grow as a country in diverse ways. and your wealth of Business Knowledge will be also be impacted by well-meaning Canadians. A Provincial Nominee Programme, an Entrepreneur or Business Investor Programme operated by both Federal and Quebec will be best for you.

I have this business that I manage or own

You have Ownership of a brand and the wealth of Resources qualifies you for a certain number of Visa and Immigration Programmes. They Include Provincial Nominee Program Business Immigration streams or for the Business Investor and Entrepreneur programs offered by the governments of Canada and Quebec.

The Ball is now in your court. Make your Choice as I take you into the Journey of the various Immigration Programmes I mentioned in the section above.

Available Canadian Immigration Programmes for you.

I mentioned earlier about having unique processes on how to get a Permanent Residency Visa, Work Visa, Visit Visa, Student Visa, Work Holiday VISA, Business Visa. The processes are embedded in the immigration Programme will choose at the end of reading this Content.

Skilled Worker Immigration Program

The Goal of Canada is to have newcomers that will influence their Country positively through their selfless services to the communities they find themselves in. Foreigners in Canada have been described as one of the major backbones of Canada’s economic strength.
That is why the Canada Skilled Worker Immigration Program grants Permanent Visa allowing the Applicants to move to Canada with their Family.

There majorly two Types of a Skilled Worker Program

Federal Skilled Worker Program: The Programme allows Individuals with special Skills to stay in any province in Canada except Quebec.
Quebec Skilled Worker: Only Applicants who wish to reside and Work in Quebec can submit.

Family Class Sponsorship

Many newcomers in Canada and Canadian Citizens will love to see their loved ones join them in Canada. Which Option Can Accommodate this?
I recommend the Family Class Immigration Programme. The Immigration Programme covers Spouses and Common -law Partners, Parents, Parents and Grandparents, and Dependent Children.

More Details on this Visit HERE

Help with your Canadian Visa Lottery Application

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Canadian Green Card Program

The Canada Green Card Membership Program:

Canada use the “Green Card” term figuratively, in Canada they don’t truly use or emit green Cards.

At Canada green card, they use this term largely compared to their southern neighbors, the United States of America.

Active CIFA Canada Green Card Member description:

Any participant that has completed the required online application and has processed their membership payment.

Thus entitling them to take part in the participation of the daily draw and also the monetary help, once selected.

The Canada Green Card program is designed to provide financial aids for assisting their members with their efforts to immigrate and relocate to Canada.

The CIFA Canada Green Card Membership program objectives:

  • Provide help to all or any active green card members.
  • To randomly select one winner every day.
  • Provide financial assistance to the winners.
  • To help the lack of skilled employees in the Canadian market.
  • To assist green cardmembers of CIFA Canada to relocate their families and organize themselves into our Canadian society.
  • Thus allow their economic growth.
  • Assist CIFA Canada Green Cardholders and their family to fulfill their good dream of living in Canada.
  • Turn dreams into reality.
  • Lastly, to offer a unique chance for each and every individual to immigrate to Canada.

The Canada Green Card is willing to make your dreams become reality here’s the Steps:

Like a U.S Green Card holder, a permanent resident of Canada is somebody that is foreign-born and has immigrated to Canada but isn’t yet a Canadian national.

The opportunity to become a Canadian citizen is there, though.

Permanent residents may also live and work anyplace within the country, as well as leave Canada and re-enter freely.

There are just four main ways in which to become a permanent resident of Canada, and these may be called immigration categories or “streams”.

To become an eligible permanent resident, you need to qualify under one of these routes or streams.

Ways of Obtaining a Canadian Green Card

A Canadian “Green Card” is officially known as Canada’s Permanent Resident Card.

The PR (Green Card) Card may be used to show that you simply have a permanent resident standing in Canada.

If you travel outside of Canada, you will need to show your card and your passport when you come back on a commercial vehicle, like a bus, train, boat, or airplane.

The immigration streams that may result in permanent resident status in Canada are: