Catto Combined MSc and Ph.D. Scholarships: University of Edinburgh for Africans

Catto Combined MSc and Ph.D. Scholarships: University of Edinburgh for Africans

I don’t know if you’re aware of this scholarship program? It’s basically for African students who wish to study abroad on scholarship. It’s a Centre of African Studies; the University of Edinburgh is pleased to announce the offer of the full scholarship program. However, this will be suitable for applicants to study for their MSc in Africa and International development and subsequent Ph.D. in African Studies.

Catto Combined MSc and Ph.D. Scholarships

However, this scholarship is designed as a combined package that’ll enable those who may not feel they possess sufficient research experience to enroll in a Ph.D. program. The main aim of this scholarship is to develop Africans to contribute to the important researches and other this that’ll contribute to African studies.

This is the reason this scholarship program has been put in place. However, this simply means that this scholarship program is for African students who might desire to apply.

Meanwhile, this scholarship program is founded and sponsored by Stephen Gordon Catto Charitable Trust and also it’s offered at the University of Edinburg. Also, note that this scholarship program is mainly for master’s and Ph.D. students. More about this scholarship program will be seen in this article as we proceed.

They’re so many benefits to the scholarship program and also I’ll be showing you steps that you can apply with. All intended applicants should make sure they go through the detailed information’s in this article.

Catto Combined MSc and Ph.D. Scholarships 2021 ELIGIBILITY and CRITERIA

To know if you’re eligible for the Catto Combined MSc and Ph.D. For Scholarships 2021, simply go through the steps listed below.

  • Before applying for this scholarship program please you must have an excellent undergraduate degree which should be a minimum of a high 2.1. Mainly in the social sciences from an accredited university in Africa (a Masters’s degree achieved with distinction will be an advantage).
  • All Applicants must not have previously received a degree from a university outside Africa, all their acquired degrees must be within Africa.
  • Before you apply, you must be a citizen of any African country and be normally domiciled in an African country.
  • Applicants must show commitment to studying a Ph.D. in African Studies.
  • Applicants must show forth leadership potential and also intend to make good use of the impact of their research.
  • Please note that applicants will have to receive an offer to study for the MSc in Africa and International Development and/or the Ph.D. in African Studies at the University of Edinburgh.
  • Applicants should also note that preference will be given to those studying conflict resolution, elections, technology, peacebuilding, and/or governance in African contexts. Meanwhile, the selection panel may consider other areas in the field of politics and international development.

Some Benefits of this Scholarship-Catto Combined MSc and Ph.D. Scholarships

They’re so many things you’ll stand to benefit from when you register for this scholarship program. One of the things you’ll gain is that this scholarship program will cover your full fees and also your monthly maintenance will also be covered.

During the one-year duration of your master’s program and the subsequent three years of the Ph.D. study. All of these are the things you’ll stand to gain when you are accepted for this scholarship program.

Application Procedure of Catto Scholarship application

Applying for the Catto scholarship program is very easy, it actually steps that you can take within some seconds and achieve your desired aim.

Simple step to ApplyAll interested applicants for the Catto Combined MSc and Ph.D. Scholarships for the year 2021 are to submit their application with the required documents in a single pdf document on or before the application deadline to the provided link @[email protected]. However, all the applications must use the subject line CATTO SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION. You might be wondering about the documents that’ll be required, well; we’ll look at some of the documents you’re supposed to submit. This will help to take note of some of the documents you’ll be expected to submit online.

Some of the documents required to be submitted can be seen below;

  • Submit a summary of your research proposal which should be a maximum of 2 pages.
  • Submit a cover letter showing your motivations, leadership experience, and future plans. It should be a maximum of 1 page.
  • Present your academic CV, which clearly shows your class of degree and previous educational achievements also it should in a maximum of 2 pages.
  • Present One letter of reference.

These are the few things that’ll be required from you during your scholarship application. In case, none of these documents are ready, you can get them set before applying for the scholarship program.