Chevening Scholarship & Fellowship 2022/2023 Application Form

Do you want to apply for a Chevening Scholarship/Fellowship 2022/2023? Then you’ll have to take a closer look at this information. Chevening Awards are highly competitive and for applicants to be accepted for the award is a mark of the potential of prestige.

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Chevening Scholarship/Fellowship 2021/2022 

We’re glad to let you know that Chevening scholarships are one of the most prestigious international scholarships in the world. It allows students with great leadership and educational potentials from over 160 countries to obtain postgraduate study or courses in the UK.

This scholarship program in the United Kingdom government’s international award program, which is targeted at developing global leaders. However, it’s funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) and partner organizations.

Also, this scholarship offers influencers, decision-makers, and future leaders from across the globe a unique and rare opportunity to develop professionally and academically. Accepted applicants will experience the UK culture and build lasting relationships with the United Kingdom.

Since this program is highly competitive, interested applicants are advised to have and stand out from the best in other to win these awards. There are many Chevening Awards available, and you may need to find awards available in your country/territory.

General Information to Note when applying for a Chevening scholarship

We will be listing some of the tips you’re to note when applying for this scholarship program. These are some of the following tips that you’re to note when applying for a Chevening award:

Grammatical structure:

  • All applicants for Chevening awards are expected to always make sure that their grammar is correct, and their sentences should make sense. Cross-check to proofread your work and double-check your spelling.
  • Write down how you’ve used your skills to achieve something positive and remarkable. It’s encouraged that you use your own experiences to address the essay questions. It’ll help you show how you were able to use your skills and how it has helped you in achieving success.
  • Make sure that your curriculum vitae (CV) is original and it’s a true reflection of your life’s journey. Note that assessors know when CVs are lifted from somewhere else or when personal statements and reference letters are copied, you should be very careful. Also, make sure that you provide your answers to the specific question.
  • Please avoid using bullet points to outline job responsibilities or your future plans. This scholarship program wants you to know as much as possible about your goals. Write it down in full sentences and make your stories known.
  • Note that an outstanding application has to link an applicant’s chosen course of study to their previous experiences. And All your future aspirations and plans. Ensure to show a link between your course of study and your future goals.
  • I would advise that you use ‘I’ instead of ‘we’ when writing about your personal achievements.
  • Applicants of this scholarship award should endeavor to demonstrate leadership, influencing, and relationship-building skills. Also, applicants will need to have a clear understanding of how studying with a UK institution is. They should note that higher learning will help or them achieve their career goals.

This little information is to help potential Chevening applicants to be able to take note of the expectations of the screening committee. With this information, you’ll understand and take note of what you should include in their applications and what to avoid.

We already know and believe that if the information listed in this article is adhered to, that means the application documents will make a good impression of the applicant.