Chipper Cash | How to use chipper cash & Benefits

Chipper Cash | How to use chipper cash & Benefits

Chipper   Cash app is a super cash  app that you can use to send and receive money across Africa. It’s fast, trusted, and affordable to use.  For those that want to make a fast and easy transition across African countries, Chipper cash is the best option. It’s simply an app for spending and saving money.

chipper cash

What you should know about the chipper Cash App

It’s an easy payment app used by over 3 million people across Africa to receive and send money. With this app, you can receive and send money in and between Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Also, it offers free local transfer charge rates across the borders.

One interesting thing about this app is that it’s bringing Africa together. It enables one transaction at a time. With this, you can easily ‘’Chip away’ your financial problems across Africa and around the world.

How to get Chipper cash

This app is very easy to get. All you have to do is to visit the Google play store app on your android phone. On the plays store, type the name of the app and click on the download button.

Once the app downloads, follow the steps in the app to register and start using the app for money transfer.

Benefits of using the Chipper cash app

Wow, there’s a lot to gain using this great app. For me, I’ll say that time saving is what I like most. For example, when you use this app, it saves time going to the bank or using a bank agent to send or receive money. It offers instant transfer between your accounts for free. You can get paid faster without charges. Other benefits are:

  • It doesn’t offer fees for money transfer. Users can move their money between the app and any bank. Also, you can move money with a mobile money account for free
  • It enables users to buy discounted airtime and also earn cashback. The purchase earns users 2% or more Cashback instantly. Also, you can get your airtime as well as sent it to a friend locally or internationally.
  • Offers instant bill payment for free– users can pay bills without extra fee charges. It’s easy to use. Because bills are a hassle, using chipper is simple, free, and easier.
  • Earing with Chipper-You can earn cash by sharing chipper with friends and colleagues. They too can get a cash bonus and it has no limits.
  • Helps businesses pay instantly– As a business owner, you can get paid locally or internationally using this app. This will help you to save big on transaction fees. So, you can shop online and pay for using this amazing app.  Also, students can get their tuition fees and pocket money via this app.
  • Users get updates about the app expansion, deals, and countries of operation.