Cineworld Gift Card Offers | How to Buy Cineworld Gift Cards

Cineworld gift card is used for purchasing foods, drinks, Merchandise, Cinema tickets, and Cineworld gift cards. Just like the Chipotle gift cards, it can serve a good purpose for entertainment for entertainment lovers such as movie lovers. With this gift card, you’ll watch the best of Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusting movies. Once you’ve it, watching heart-thrilling movies is just at your fingertips.

Cineworld Gift Card Offers | How to Buy Cineworld Gift Cards

cineworld gift card

This gift card is an eGift card that’s useful in making half or full payment  or items on the

Things to know about the Cineworld Gift Card

It has no value until after purchasing the gift card

The price ranges from £5 to £250.

 gift cards can’t be used to make purchases of another Cineworld gift card.

It can’t be used for online phone booking of Cinema tickets

It’s only valid in Jersey and the United Kingdom

Purchasing the gift card online requires a credit card or debit card

the gift cards expire after 24 months of purchasing the card. The same thing applies to the card balance. Also, the credit and debit cards are for processing and identification.

Customers use the gift card as a means of payment and it has cash value.

Prices of Cineworld Ticket

The prices of the ticket vary with individual categories and age:

Adults from age 15 and above, it’s between £8.70 –£11.50

Students- it’s from £6.30 — £10.25

Family, it goes for £25.00 — £32.00

How to Buy the  Gift Card

If you want to buy  Gift cards, use the steps below:

Visit the webpage

Select the Cineworld card amount up to £250 per order.

Select your choice card design

Put your optional message

Add any special notes you want

Tap on ‘’add to basket’’

Checking your Cineworld Gift card Balance

Customers or card recipients can check their balance through the 3 processes below:

com/gift cards

The Cineworld customer service care at   08712002000

Cineworld Cinema

Giving  Gift Card as a Gift

Anyone can give or receive the Cineworld gift card as a gift to their lovers or friends. It’s very useful when they’re lovers of Movies and Cinemas. Even Family members or spouse can receive the gift card and use it to make purchases.

Redeeming your Gift cards

The processes below will help you to redeem your gift card:

Enter your Cineworld eGift card number with the       security code in the checkout payment process

Tap ‘continue’ to finish redeeming process.

Important Notice:

The gift cards are redeemable at any Cineworld Cinema location throughout the world. You can find the nearest  cinema by visiting