Clackamas Community Colleges Scholarships and Financial Aid Program

The Clackamas Community Colleges Scholarships and financial aid program applications are now open. Each year, the Clackamas Community College provides up to $500.000 for students pursuing education at the college. The fund is given in several types of scholarships. Entries are accepted bi-annually.

Students planning to attend (Clackamas Community Colleges) CCC to pursue a degree or certificate can apply during the open Clackamas Community Colleges Scholarship application periods. To apply there is a requirement for the student to take at least six credits each term and maintain a 2.0 GPA or above. Last academic year one in three applicants received a scholarship!

Clackamas Community Colleges Scholarship Description

CCC awards up to $500,000 annually in scholarships to local students like you. With over 225 Clackamas Community Colleges Scholarships available with one application, it’s always worth the time to apply. The application requires an essay, but you do not need to have a perfect GPA to qualify.

  • Award Value: Up to $500,000 in total per year.
  • Level & Area of Studies: Any degree in all subjects.
  • Place of study: At Clackamas Community College in the United States.

Clackamas Community College Foundation Scholarships Eligibility and Requirements

The CCC scholarship is available for anyone who plans to attend CCC to pursue a degree or certificate and has a 2.0 GPA or above can apply. You must plan on taking at least six credits each term and maintain a 2.0 GPA or above.

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Some of the scholarship options at CCC

  • Academic honor
  • First in the family to attend college
  • Members of military families
  • Single parents
  • Transfer students
  • Career Technical students
  • Training for specific careers
  • Financial need
  • Students formerly attended a district high school

How to Apply for CCC Scholarships 2022-2023

There is just one simple electronic application to fill out. When the application is completed, the student will automatically be considered for any scholarships where they meet the criteria, based on the information provided. See below for resources to complete your application successfully.

Information sessions will be scheduled in March or April each year and posted on this site when information is available.

Please go to this link here to see further instruction

Submission Deadline

April 25 and November 1 every year.