Create Facebook Group | How to Create Your Facebook Group

Create Facebook Group | How to Create Your Facebook Group

Create Facebook group-The The world is already agog with social media. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more, have been the most social place that people gather to form one reason or the other. Facebook group is the biggest social group forum users can join.   You can have a Facebook group and use it for a particular purpose.

Create Facebook Group

Billions of users are always on social media, either chatting, making voice or video calls, transaction a business or engaging in a social group discussion. This is where creating a social media Facebook group is very important.

So, you can create a group and have your own group followers and discuss related topics and share ideas. It all depends on what your Facebook group is about. You can create a Facebook group for anything provided you have a definite goal to achieve.

Facebook group is similar to a Facebook page, though, a Facebook page may not be open to everyone to post. But you’re free to comment, like and share a post on a Facebook page. You can create your Facebook page now.

Why people create Facebook Group

There’re uncountable reasons while people have a Facebook group.  I know that most people conversant Whatsapp groups, therefore, it’s not a new idea of creating a Facebook group. It depends on the user who’s creating the group to define his/her purpose for the Facebook group.

One of the major reasons people have a Facebook group if to grow their audience capacity and promoting their ideas. There’re more benefits/advantages in creating a Facebook group. Below are some of them:

  • Business Marketing
  • Mentorship training
  • News updates
  • Promotion of opinion/ideas
  • Social sharing
  • Fans building
  • Group discussion

There’re lots of benefits in creating A Facebook group to the user. It’s more helpful in building a business community and growing business brands and association participation.  From the group, members get to know the latest information from the administrators and members. Members of a group can like and comment on a shared post on the group.  Once you have a Facebook account, you can create a group.

How to Create a Group

To create a group, you’ve to decide first on the topic that you’ll like your group to talk about or the ideas you’ll like to share on the group. Facebook groups can b any relevant topic that people will like to participate in. It can be   Fans group, advert group, music, comedy, movies, sports and so on.

Follow the steps below :

  • Log on to and log in to your Facebook account
  • Click on your profile at the top of the Facebook page
  • Scroll down and click on Create Facebook Group at the top of the page. If it’s an on your smartphone, you’ll see it at the left pane.
  • Name your group and start inviting people to the group via your friend list
  • Describe the group you’ve created in the description box given by filling the contact info.
  • Select your group Privacy settings and click on Save
  • Now, scroll up  so you can upload a picture and select a network
  • Select a category and a subcategory.
  • Having carefully followed the process, you’ve now created a Facebook group.  Don’t forget to upload and update your Facebook Member.

One Precaution you’ve to take before you name your group is to check for the name on a Facebook search to ensure that the name you wish to give to your Facebook group isn’t existing yet. So, You won’t have a similar group of the same name.