Dropbox sign in | Dropbox Online Cloud platform | Dropbox Sign in

Dropbox sign in | Dropbox Online Cloud platform | Dropbox Sign in

Dropbox sign in –Dropbox is a technology platform that builds simple and powerful products for people and businesses. More so, it is a file hosting service platform in the USA. It is created by an American company called Dropbox Inc. The company is located in San Francisco, California.

dropbox sign in

It offers file synchronization, cloud storage, client software, and personal cloud. The service was established in 2007 by two MIT students Arash Ferdowsi and Drew Huston. They use the funding from seed accelerator Y Combinator as a startup company.

Dropbox creates a particular folder on the user’s computer. The contents are then synchronized to the Dropbox’s servers and to all other computers or devices that the user has installed.

This wonderful service keeps the files up-to-date on all the devices. This service uses a premium business model, a free account with a set storage size. Which are provided for users, with paid subscriptions that offer more capacity with additional features?

What is Dropbox? Dropbox sign in?

Like I said earlier on it is a file hosting platform for users to save their important file and document for future reference. Drew Houston created the concept after continuously forgetting his USB flash drive while he was still at MIT.

“Meet the Team” post on the Dropbox blog in 2007, he wrote that the existing services at the time. He began making use of it privately, but then, he realized that it would benefit others with the same difficulties. Shortly after Huston founded this service in June 2007, he secured seed funding from Y Combinator.

Dropbox Free

Precisely, in 2008 Dropbox free was first brought to the public by TechCrunch Disrupt, an annual technology conference. The official domain name was “getdropbox.com. In October 2009, www.dropbox assume its official domain name.

This service gives its Basic users 2 gigabytes of free storage space. While Dropbox Plus gives its users 1 terabyte of storage space.

More so, there are some additional features, including remote wipe advanced sharing controls, and an optional Extended Version. It supports computer apps for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, Linux computers, Android, Windows smartphones, and tablets.

Dropbox Technology

The software allows users to drop any file into any designated folder for storage purposes. The file is automatically uploaded to the service cloud-based service and it is made available to any other computer or device. The user that has the software installed, keeps the file up-to-date on the systems.

When a file in a user’s Dropbox folder changes, it only uploads the pieces of the file that the user change it to, whenever possible. It offers a LAN sync feature, whereby receiving data and notification from any Dropbox servers. Local networks computers can exchange files directly between themselves and improves synchronization speeds.

This service uses Amazon’s S3 storage system to store its user’s files. But between the years (2014 and 2016) they gradually move from Amazon to use their hardware, which was “Magic Pocket”. The company announced a major global network expansion in June 2017.

The expansion started in 14 cities across 7 countries in 3 continents. This added hundreds of gigabits of Internet connectivity. With transit providers (ISPS), and hundreds of new peering partners.

The service uses SSL transfers for its synchronization. It stores the data through Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for 256 encryption. The third-party applications are quality they can integrate the service into. Through the application programming interface (API).

This platform avoids sharing of copyrighted data, by going through the hash of files shared in public folders. This applies only to files or folders that are sharing with other users publicly. But not to files kept in an individual’s Dropbox folder.

How to Create a Dropbox Account

For any user to access the Dropbox account services he or she must first sign up to the website on www.dropbox.com. The user then fills in some details to start up the sign-up process.

  • The user fills in his or her first and last name on the first and second caption.
  • Then on the next caption bar, the user inputs his or her email address.
  • The next input step is to create a password which is a secret letter that can be mix with figures as well.
  • To complete the form process user should click on the agree box.
  • Then click the (Sign up caption bar) which is a blue bar located at the right bottom of the side page.

Finally, after completing all the form process and hitting the sign up caption bar, the user is then set to access his or her account. Mind you the user can still sign up for the accounting process with their Google mail account.

Dropbox Sign in

This is the section where a user who has signed up on the platform will have access to his r her account dashboard. More so, this process is very significant as you most input your sign in details on the space provided for you. Therefore, this is the only way to access your account.

  • Furthermore, to access your account enter through the web page www.dropbox.com.
  • Click on the sign-in caption to continue.
  • Input your email address and password.
  • After which click on the sign-in caption below to access your account dashboard.

Note: you can as well access your account via your Google account and your Apple account.

Dropbox Download

Simply you can just download the Dropbox app from your Google Play Store or the Apple store for iOS users. therefore, this process is easy and it is like you downloading other apps to your device.

  • Open your play store app on your device
  • Search for the app by filling in the name on the search bar on the home page of the app store
  • it will then bring out the app.
  • Click on the app, it will take you to the app page itself, then click on install and it will begin downloading based on the premise that you have a good network connection
  • After downloading it install it straight to your device.

This is just how to download the App either for Google users or iOS users the same step is very applicable to achieve the same result.

Dropbox App

The dropbox app makes using the platform a lot easier, it sports a beautiful interface and it is very easy to use.

This is an easy way to access your account dashboard without always going through the login process often.

However, after acquiring the app you only need to access a one-time sign-in process and that all. Therefore, in as much you keep using that device to sign in to your account you do not need to keep inputting your sign in details. Furthermore, if you want to download the app you can follow the above steps to achieve that.