Emergency SOS  iPhone : SOS features on your Device.

Emergency SOS  iPhone: SOS features on your Device.

Emergency SOS iPhone-We’ll be telling you everything you need to know about SOS and its features. All of this and more are what we’ll be telling you in this article.

emergency SOS iphone

Some of you might be wondering what an SOS is and what is used for, “knowledge is power”. And we’ll be transferring that knowledge to you.

Most of the time you might come across an SOS without knowing, follow this article carefully while we explain.

Firstly we’ll start by explaining what is  SOS is before going into the features.

What is an SOS?

SOS is a signal that indicates to others when you’re in danger and needs help or assistance quickly. With an SOS, you can easily get assistance when you need it, without being stranded.

This has helped several persons on different occasions. A lot of persons have found themselves stranded mostly when they need help. With this SOS your close once will get to come to your rescue when you need assistance.

Are you wondering how this works? Oh yes with your iPhone you can makes this start working for you.

Your mobile can be used as an emergency device; this could either be on your smartwatch or phone. There are some emergency features you can use to set your last location to your emergency contact.

How does an SOS emergency Work:

One of the importance of SOS is the 2-4-7- monitoring service it offers. It’s always functional once it’s set in your device. This service is always functional including on weekends, public holidays, it’s always active.

When you find yourself in an emergency issue, all you need to do is to press your SOS button and it’ll send the emergency alarm through. Once this is done, you’ll receive a call back from the monitoring center to confirm the issue.

However, whenever someone is experiencing emergency issues whether medical or security, the monitoring center will put up a notification. This notification helps to send your location information through.

They’ll as well inform the emergency service if the situation is serious or not. This SOS emergency would help to keep you safe and call in help for you when you need it.

The features we’ll be listed below will help you set the SOS in your device without needing help from anyone.

SOS Emergency Feature

Every good emergency alarm should have a long active connectivity range of 300 meters. This means your family or loved ones can move around easily without losing their connection.

The base unit will always help them to stay connected. We’ll be listing some devices you can set the emergency SOS in and how to set them.

This guide will help you know how to handle your device and set this device in it, not all devices can spot these features. However smartphones have the ability to spot it.

Emergency SOS phone  and apple watch

Most iPhones have an SOS in them, all you need to do is to set it to start functioning.

iPhone 8: If you’re using this type of iPhone, we would guild you on how to set the SOS in it.

Hold down the side button and volume button. Then search for where “Emergency SOS” is written. Slide and hold the button until your phone makes an alert noise with a countdown.

The countdown will now complete the alert by calling the emergency service. This is mostly useful if your phone is always in your pocket.

iPhone 7: If you’re using this type of iPhone, it functions differently. For you to set the SOS in your phone please follow this guide. Firstly hit your side button five times, the SOS features will appear. It’ll show you where you can place the emergency call.

When you’re done with this call, it’ll send your emergency contact a text with your current location. You’ll be provided with an option to cancel the call before the message will be sent.

How you can add an emergency contact- Emergency SOS  iPhone

This app will allow emergency service to identify who to contact, those using an Apple device will receive a message immediately.

The message they’ll receive will consist of your location after you’ve made the call.

Wow, hope you love the information you’re getting from our site? We would give you more information as we proceed.

To get this set on your phone, you will firstly click on the “Health App” then press on the profile picture. When you’re done clicking on the profile picture, you will find an option called “Medical I.D”. You’ll find this at the bottom of the page; you’ll also find another option called “Emergency Contact”.

The last option is where you’ll enter the information of your contact, relationship, and each of their phone number.

When you’re done with that process, you can then click done. Your emergency SOS is ready on your iPhone when you’re done with this process.

How the app work on android phone:

This app works differently on different android phones, depending on the company that produced it. But you can search your phone setting with this keyword “SOS” or rather you check for “Emergency”.

How this App works on Garmin watches:

This company offers two tracking options which are Incident Detection and Assistance. You can find these two options in the Garmin connect app. These two options can send an emergency message to the chosen contact when your watch detects a sudden issue.

The message they’ll receive will include

  1. Google map: This google map shows the receiver your location at that time, so they can easily locate you.

You’ll surely enjoy this app; with it, your security can be assured. Every live tracker allows your family and friends to locate you when you’re in danger. Before these features can be very functional, you would have to set up one or two emergency contact. With your phone, you can easily do that.

Finally, let’s give you the last setup option, “tap the button at the top left” and open the menu.

Select contact, enter the person’s details like their name, phone number, and email address. Save it once you’re don’t putting in their details.

You can return to the main menu then chose the option you need either Safety or Tracking, or incident detection. Depending on the one you want.