Entry-level computer science jobs : Bsc computer science jobs


Entry-level computer science jobs: Bsc computer science jobs

As a graduate, you can easily get entry-level computer science jobs easily. And maybe you want to know how rewarding a computer science career is. All of these will be clarified in this article. Before I proceed, I will like to ask, why do you choose to study computer science?

entry level computer science jobs

Is it for the payor for the skills? You can answer this within yourself. However, in this article, I’ll be listing some highest paid computer jobs that might interest you. In case you’ve been looking for the right computer science job that’ll pay you well, you’ll get the information in this article.

You’ll also discover some of the advantages and disadvantages of getting a career in computer science. Now let’s look at some of the highest-paying computer science jobs that might interest you.

Entry-level computer science jobs In the US

Like you all know, the demand for IT specialists is higher than ever. However, it’s not easy to become a computer science expert. Most jobs in computer science only require degree holders in computer science.

But I’ll suggest you obtain a master’s degree in management positions which demands more specialized work experience and knowledge. They’re some high paying

Computer jobs in the US and you can see some of them below.

  1. Software Development Director

Annual salary 143,000 USD

Mid-career salary 157,000 USD

Responsibility and task

  • To plan and manage the software development process.
  • To facilitate communication between different team members and departments.
  • Also to communicate with clients and identifying possible product improvement.
  • To train and guide junior programmers.
  • To create detailed reports, evaluations, and presentations.
  1. Principal Software Engineer

Annual Salary 135,000 USD

Mid-career salary 142,000 USD

Responsibility and task

  • To scale projects efficiently.
  • To maximize performance and minimize cost.
  • Also, to ensure design, application, and maintenance standards are followed.
  • To evaluate systems and networks.
  1. Site Reliability Engineer

Annual Salary 116,600 USD

Mid-career salary 135,000 USD

Responsibility and task

  • To develop a system and software that improves site reliability.
  • To provide on-call support and manage incidents.
  • Also to collaborate on designed solutions with product developers.
  • To ensure the software delivery pipeline is efficient.
  1. Security consultant

Annual salary 86,600 USD

Career salary 111,000 USD

Responsibility and task

  • To access potential threats and implement preventive measures.
  • To design and improve data security systems.
  • Finally, to create emergency plans for data branches or data loss.
  1. Development operations engineer

Annual salary 93,000 USD

Career salary 107,000 USD

Responsibility and task

  • To create and maintain website platforms.
  • To manage cloud infrastructure and system administration.
  • Finally to prioritize and solve problems quickly.
  1. Computer Scientist

Average annual salary 78,300 USD

Career Salary 93,900 USD

Responsibility and task
  • To create and maintain software and application to develop the efficiency of organizations.
  • To application to find solutions to complex problems.
  • Finally, to come up with research ideas, implement plans, and analyze and research results.
  1. Software Developer

Annual salary 70,600 USD

Career salary 91,300 USD

Responsibility and task

  • To develop various applications and software for clients.
  • To test software and also to create detailed reports.
  1. Full-stack software developer

Annual salary

Mid-career salary 98,700 USD

Responsibility and task

  • To work with both the front and back of the website.
  • To maintain quality and responsiveness of software and application.
  • Finally, to organize and maintain code integrity.
Benefits Entry-level computer science jobs

Just as you can see in this article, computer science jobs offer great salary benefit. Also, you can gain more work experience and develop your skills. I’ll be listing some of the benefits of choosing a career in computer science.

  1. All individuals will benefit from great job opportunities and career stability.
  2. You’ll have the freedom to work anywhere.
  3. Lastly, you can share your work with the world.


  1. The individual will be prone to health problem
  2. Excessive work and working overtime.
  3. To work in different time zone.

However, these advantages can be managed carefully. Reduce the way you stress yourself because it can lead to health issues.

Other things you can do with your computer science certificate

Obtaining computer science as a degree is a boost for you in your career. Below are some of the things you can do with your computer science certificate.

  1. To be an IT consultant.
  2. Cybersecurity consultant.
  3. Information systems manager.
  4. Database administrator.
  5. Multimedia programmer.
  6. System analyst.
  7. Games developer.
  8. Technical writer.
  9. Other computer science careers

All these listed information above, are what you can do with your computer science career. Now that you know about this information, you can know the part of computer science that you’ll focus on.


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