eSight Energy glass – Electronic Glasses for Legally Blind

eSight Energy glass  – Electronic Glasses for Legally Blind  

eSight Energy is a company owned by Engineer Geordi La Forge who was born legally blind. Although blind, his disability situation didn’t stop him from doing what he wanted to do. Because he’s got into the technology world to change things.

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Geordi wears a pair of thick, electronic glasses which is attached to his brain. This enables him to see things even the human eyes cannot see. ESight is a brainchild of a Canadian Engineer, Conrad Lewis, who has two vision-impaired sisters.

The eSight is the most highly technological breakthrough for the legally blind. This is because it began with a total set of questions that the founder, Conrad Lewis, wanted to answer. He wanted to know if he could apply his engineering skills to create a solution for the blindness his sisters suffer with.

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To build a solution that works, as soon as possible. This made the eSight engineers develop a technological solution that is hands-free. Which provides instant sight, enables mobility, and also flexible.

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The user can import or export data as he or she wants and get info on The Energy Management Software, known as (EMS), also alerts you if the data are withdrawn. Then shows if the energy levels are higher than you want them to be. In addition, it allows the user to create virtual meters and compare the meters against your energy bills.

Personal Information on eSight

Personal information is any information that shows the identity of an individual or through wish a Person’s identity can be deduced.  This is revealed to us or the one we create within the context of our relationship with individuals.

Therefore, personal information does not contain information that does not relate to an identified individual. Nor does it include an individual’s name, title, and business address, or business telephone number. The Company’s privacy policy is based on the Canadian Standards Association’s Model Code. For the Protection of their customer’s personal information.

Why eSight collects personal information of Clients

The company collects client personal information to meet the needs of the client. As well as its employees, contractors, suppliers, and customers. it is very important for the Company to have detailed information. The Company may collect personal information because of the following reasons:

  • To establish an individual’s identity For the company to understand the individual’s needs and also to determine the client’s wish for products and services.
  • Provide services and to process payments.
  • Make alerts of new products and services.
  • To establish and maintain an employment or contractual relationship, including the provision of benefits
  • For the company to cling to legal requirements
How Useful is eSight Client Personal Information 

Here, we are going to be looking at the use of personal information data to the client in regards to eSight Company.

  1. To administer and maintain the employment or contractor relationship.
  2. In other to administer and maintain the benefits of the client.
  3. Agree with legal, regulatory and other obligations.
  4. Business operation purposes.
  5. To notify customers of new products and services.
  6. It also provides services and process payments.

The company retains client personal information for some necessary reasons. Basically for the purpose of filing which is very essential. Personal information collapses once it is no longer useful by eSight and after screening all law requirements.

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There are some occasions whereby we will need to reveal personal information to a third-party service provider. Whenever we involve a third party service provider. The company confirms that its privacy and security standards agree with all requirements. By giving eSight your personal information.

The individual has given permission to their use and disclosure of the personal information. This is for the purposes as listed in their policy above. If eSight wish to use or disclose your personal information other than as stated in this policy. The company will seek the consent of the client.

A client can also prefer that eSight do not use or disclose your personal data for any of these purposes. The individual may notify the company by writing to them at any time. If there is no message from the client to eSight, it will be that the user accepts the terms and agreement.