Facebook Advertising Coupon | Facebook Ads | Google Ads

Facebook Advertising Coupon | Facebook Ads | Google Ads

Have you been hearing about the Facebook advertising coupon and you are not certain of how it works? Have you been wondering what it is used for? If you have then, you are on the right article as I will be educating you greatly on Advertising coupons on Facebook. Are you an online marketer? Then this article is for you.

facebook advertising coupon

Facebook Advertising Coupons

Facebook is  one of the best and most social platforms on social media and such is classed as the best platform to promote your business.

Apart from chatting, communicating, and keeping in touch with family and friends, you can also promote your business thereby utilizing the full use and features of Facebook.

With the large audience accessible on Facebook, being a marketer you will know that the Facebook platform holds great promises in promoting your business, this is where the Facebook advertising coupons come in.

Before we proceed, let me enlighten you on what a coupon is. A coupon is a voucher that entitles a holder to a discount off a particular product or service. Knowing what a coupon is given us an insight into what a Facebook advertising coupon is.

A Facebook advertising coupon is a kind of payment for Facebook ads. With these coupons you have as well paid for sponsored adverts on Facebook or Instagram social media platforms. It all depends on the type o coupon you have.

You will have to create an ad on Facebook before you can activate a coupon or you can as well enter a coupon code to activate one of Your Facebook ad accounts

How to Activate a Facebook Advertising Coupon

You will have to receive a coupon before you can activate a Facebook advertising coupon. There are two ways you can use in receiving coupons, they are through email or product promotion. In order to activate a coupon received from your email or in product promotion, you will click on the notification or the email sent to you.

Then you will start creating the ad the link sent to you, having done that, confirm your purchase. For people that are new to the advertising platform on Facebook, you will need to enter payment methods. But you will be charged once your coupon finally runs out