Facebook Attribution Window | How to Track your Ads Conversion

Facebook Attribution Window | How to Track your Ads Conversion

Facebook Attribution Window is an Ad tool that figures out the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. It essentially allows you to understand which ads lead the customer into buying or which one met the conversion objective.


With the information from this tool,you can turn off non-performing ads and strengthen performing ones.

How Facebook Attribution Works

Attribution in general is not just for Facebook advertising performance.

It’s understanding the cross channel interplay of digital assets organic and paid and how they contribute to the sales funnel. Facebook attribution is super valuable since it can identify users logged in across devices.

It gives you insight into which ad attributed to a sale.

How to Set up Attribution Tool

  • Go to Ads Manager, in the main menu navigate to the measure and report tab.
  • Click “Attribution”.
  • On the dashboard, click get started.
  • Choose how your business is organized in the new window(single business, separate brand, Agency, Verticals, or Regions).
  • Click confirm.
  • Click the pencil icon and key in a name for your line of business.
  • Select your ad account in front of the new window that popped up and click Next.
  • Choose the pixel with your ad account that you’ve installed then click Next.
  • Set your time zone and currency(click use recommended and Facebook will auto-set your current zone and currency).
  • Click confirm and finish on the main view of your set up.
  • Review your settings and click finish.

View and Filter Facebook Attribution Performance Reports

  • Click on the gray box labeled the Last Touch on the top right
  • Select the attribution model to use.
  • Choose the length of the reporting window.
  • Click apply.
  • Separate your paid and organic activities(if you want).

The custom reports tab lets you filter your data by channel to see exactly where your conversion is coming from.

Choose whether to look at the source of event data where the conversions are being reported from or your campaigns.

To add other ad platforms to the attribution report for more accurate data, click add platforms, and add a platform.