Facebook Avatar– How to Setup your Facebook Avatar

Facebook Avatar– How to Setup your Facebook Avatar

Hi! Facebook avatar starter pack shows how you can set up you Facebook avatar for free today. Amazing right.If you are an active user of the Facebook platform, you would definitely be aware of this new Facebook feature. Most likely you’ve even come across the avatar on the app.

Facebook avatar

You might wonder how these users are able to have the feature while you don’t; the reason is Facebook releases its updates in phases, so it’s probably not yet available in your country.You probably wondering what a Facebook avatar is right now, well let’s find out.

Facebook avatar is a 3D cartoon rendition of a Facebook user; you might likely have come across iPhone’s Memoji or Snapchat’s Bitmoji that’s exactly what a avatar on Facebook looks like.

This starter pack shows you the detailed process of making your very own Facebook avatar.All you need is your Facebook account and internet connectivity, and you can begin the process of creating your very own Avatar on Facebook.

Note, the Facebook avatar can be used in a variety of ways in case you wondering what’s so special of this new feature.It can be used for commenting, as a profile picture and even conversing.

So it’s definitely more than just a silly cartoon as most might think.

Facebook Avatar Setup Requirement.

Like most features on Facebook the Facebook avatar is free but of course there are stop gaps to using it.

  • First you must have a registered Facebook account to use this feature.
  • You must have the Facebook avatar creator app to use this feature, in case you wondering, the Facebook avatar creator app is the same as the official Facebook app.

So if you have the Facebook app on your phone, which means you’re one step closer to using the feature, but you probably, have to update the app to the latest version.

Facebook Avatar Creator Application Download

For users that don’t have the app, the steps listed below will show you have you can download the Facebook app in other to use the Facebook avatar feature.

  • Ensure that your device has internet connectivity.
  • Click on the app store icon on your device. Play store for android and apple play store for iphone.
  • Click on the search bar and type ‘‘Facebook’’, select the official Facebook app.
  • Now click on ‘’install’’ for android or ‘’get’’ for iphone.

Installation usually takes a few minutes, so you can probably get a drink while you wait.  

How to Access the Fb Avatar Maker Feature

Hurray now you have the Facebook app on your device, you are now officially one step closer to making your Facebook avatar.

After logging in your account into the Facebook application, you can start creating your avatar by following the next instructions.

  • Click on your menu icon, for iphone it’s the (3) horizontal lines at the bottom right side of your home screen.

For android it’s the (3) horizontal lines at the top right of your home screen.

  • From the list given select the ‘‘see more’’.
  • Now select ‘’avatar’’.

Now you have successfully accessed the avatar feature on your Facebook app, if you already have the Facebook app installed you probably won’t be able to access this feature.

But if you’ve updated the app and still can find the feature, it probably means that the update is not yet available in your region.

Setting up Your Very Own Avatar on Facebook

We’ve come a long way right, some minutes ago you were probably wondering how to go about setting up your avatar.

Now the moment has finally arrived, to make it easier for you we’ve listed the steps to creating your very own Facebook avatar below.

  • Now that you’ve have access the Facebook maker feature,
  • Select ‘’next’’ to get started on your avatar maker process.
  • Select ‘skin’ from the options listed select the skin tone that best describes you or any of your preferred choice.
  • Now you’ve got the hang of it right?

 Now you can start creating your avatar using other details available like your hair, eyes, body shape and outfit.

  • Once you’re done making your avatar, select the ‘’check mark’’ icon located at the top right of your screen to confirm your avatar.
  • Your avatar will start saving, once this save is completed select ’’next’’.
  • Now select ‘’done’’.

Now your Facebook avatar is set and ready for use.