Facebook Avatar Setup | How to Setup your Facebook Avatar Fast

Facebook Avatar Setup | How to Setup your Facebook Avatar  Fast

There’s Good news around the corner! Facebook Avatar Setup is the one-touch setup that  can help you create your Facebook avatar now  for free. Well in case your country has not received this viral Facebook update, read on and wait for your turn!

 If you’ve been using  Facebook, you probably might have heard of this new feature. Maybe, you’d  seen some avatars on the Facebook platform.

Facebook avatar setup
Facebook avatar setup

If you have seen this,  just hope you start using it soon if it’s not yet in your continent. This is because the carton feature is still being launched. Some countries now has started using it while some have not. Wherever you fall in , this info is a good news for you.

Maybe you want to know what a Facebook Avatar is? You can know more about the Facebook avatar.

Meaning of a Face book Avatar-Facebook cartoon creator

I personally call the Facebook avatar a cartoon creator on Facebook. You can use it to create a cartoon picture for your profile image use on Facebook. Well , some call the cartoon-like picture a doppelganger.

Facebook Avatar Setup

This is  the  Facebook Avatar Setup process that helps you to setup and create  your own  Facebook avatar. How will you do this? All you need is to first of all, have a Facebook account. Then,  have an internet-connected device, . With this, you can begin the avatar creation process.

After creating,  the Avatar, you can make use of it in the comment or text section of the social media platform.

Note: Your  avatar can also be used outside of the platform in any way you see fit or desire. There’re some techniques in creating Avatar on Facebook than you already know. As you read on , you’ll get all the gist here.

Facebook Avatar Setup- the  Review

Creating avatar on Facebook is free but you must meet a requirement. The  requirement is that you must have a registered account on Facebook. With this, you can’t  successfully set up your very own cartoon-like Emoji character or avatar.

This is possible using the Facebook avatar creator app.

How to  download Facebook Avatar Creator App

Facebook Avatar Creator App means the same thing as your  Facebook official app. With this you can  access the Avatar Creator feature from the Facebook official app. Here is how to download the app:

  • Open  device you want to install the Facebook app on and turn it on then activate your data connection.
  • Locate your device  app store installed on the device and tap on the search bar.
  • Use the  search bar option and find the “Facebook”  app on the app store and tap on the Facebook official app.
  • Then, tap on the “Get” or “Install” button depending on the device you are making use of.
  • Shortly in few  minutes, the app should have been successfully downloaded and installed on your device. To complete this, you  need enough storage space and a data bundle on your device to complete the download process.

Steps to Access the Facebook Avatar Creator App

After downloading the official app on your device. Now, proceed to access the Avatar Creator feature. Here are steps to  access the Facebook Avatar feature:

  • launch  your the Facebook official app on your device.
  • For  iOS device,click on the menu icon by the bottom right side of the screen. For android users, tap on the menu icon at the top right side of the screen.
  • You’ll see  the list of menu options displayed, click  on the “See More” option and then on “Avatars” afterward.

If you follow these steps above accordingly, you’ll successfully access the Avatar Creator feature on the platform.

However,  If you can’t find the avatar option, then you should update your Facebook app. But if you update your Face book app , and the feature is not yet available to you, it means that your country hasn’t got the update yet. Just wait for the update to get to your region.

Steps to  Set up Your Own Facebook Avatar Emoji

Setting up a personal Facebook avatar might just be simpler than you think. Use the  steps below  to rightly and  successfully create your very own Facebook avatar.

  • Open the Facebook avatar creator app using the steps above
  • Click the  “Next” button and then on “Get Started” and your avatar creation process begins.
  • Then, choose, a skin tone that best describes you.
  • Proceed to Customize your avatar going through every detail right from the hair to the body shape and outfit.
  • If you like what you have customized, locate by the top right side of the screen the check mark icon and tap on it.
  • As soon as the page finishes loading, find and tap on the “Next” button.
  • Lastly, click on the “Done” button! Boom you’re done!

If you carefully followed the  steps above, you’d successfully created a new Facebook avatar.

How to use Facebook Avatar

Using the Avatar is quite simple. All you need  do is tap on the smiley icon on the text area of any page on Facebook  and choose  your avatar.

You can make it your profile picture or share it to your newsfeed. Just tap on the share icon at the top of the page immediately you finished creating your avatar . Then, choose  from the options either to share to your timeline or to use as a temporary profile picture.

Steps  to Edit your Facebook Avatar Emoji easily

Most users don’t  know this, but it’s very possible to edit your Facebook avatar. The steps to achieve this are simple. To do this, use the below steps:

  • Click/tap  on the smiley icon on the text area of any page on the platform.
  • Find your avatar and click on the pencil icon on it.
  • Start Customizing  your avatar till you see the one you like or prefer
  • Click on the Check mar icon at the top and then on the tap the “Next” button.
  • Tap “Done” button and you’re ready to go. Congratulations!

I bet this isn’t stressful. Don’t be afraid to give it trial.