Facebook Business | How to Grow your Business with Facebook page

Facebook Business | How to Grow your Business with Facebook  page

The Facebook business page is one aspect of advertising your business on Facebook that’ll help you grow your business faster than you ever think of. If you’ve been thinking of how to grow your business, a Facebook business page is the best option you can use on Facebook.

Facebook business page

However, to operate a Facebook business page, you must have a Facebook account from where you can now create a page that you can use to manage your business.

Benefits of creating a Facebook business page

Creating a Facebook business page will give you an opportunity to connect with more than 2 Billion Facebook users around the world. With the Facebook business page, you can grow your audience. For creating the business page on Facebook you’ll easily grow and develop your brand and you’ll, in turn, make good success. Below are some of the benefits you’ll get when you create your business Facebook page:

  • More audience
  • Growing your business brand faster
  • You’ll sell more when you advertise your business Facebook page.
  • More business opportunity and coverage
  • It gives you an edge over your competitors
  • It makes it easier to target a particular audience.
  • Facebook page boosts your online visibility
  • It helps to crease your product mobility.
  • It increases product or services confidence
  • Helps business owners to build long term relationships
  • Provides an efficient Channel of communication between business owners and customers
  • It helps you to save money for business adverts on radio and televisions
  • It helps to drive traffic to your website
  • Through the Facebook business page, you can more effectively target of your customer and potential clients and even reach more people
  • It makes it easy for you to sell your mobile content.

Things you need to set up your Facebook page

Before I go into the steps in setting up a Facebook Business page, let’s look at what you need to set up your Facebook page:

  • You’ll need you’re a Business name or Logo-Ensure that you name your Facebook page after your business or any other name that people will search to find your business name
  • A profile picture or a cover picture
  • You’ll need to add a call to action to your page indicating the action you want people to take.

How to create your Facebook business page

Setting up a Facebook business page isn’t difficult as most people think it is. In just a few steps you can create your Facebook following the steps below:

  • First of all, you must have a Facebook account
  • Open Facebook profile
  • On the left side of your Facebook profile, click on Page
  • When it opens, look up at the top right of the page and click on the green create page tab
  • Choose your page category either Business or brand category or Community or Public figure category
  • Of course, since it’s for business, you’re advised to click get started on the Business or Brand category.
  • As you click it, a new page will open showing space for your business name. Enter your business name and add a category to describe your page
  • Click on continue
  • Add a profile picture to help people to locate/find your page
  • Add a cover photo

After you’ve done this, your Facebook page is ready. Now that you’ve successfully created your Facebook business, it’s time to take the next actions.

What you need to do after creating your Facebook business page

Boom, you’ve just created your Facebook page what is next? What steps do you have to take to grow your business? You really need to take some deliberate actions because creating the page is just one out of the major steps you need to take in growing your business on Facebook.

Here are steps to take after creating your Facebook page

Creating Posts

Create at least five posts before you invite anyone to follow your page. These first posts should be image-rich and engaging. It’ll be able to teach your future follower about whom you’re and what you want to do and what your page stands for.

As a writer, ensure that these posts are evergreen to garner more attention. You can PIN one of the posts to the top of your page to stand out and attract more attention.

Invite People to like or follow your Facebook page

Now when inviting people to like or follow your Facebook page, don’t just send a mass invite to all your friends. You must be thoughtful because sending such a mass invite can be spammed. It’ll mean that you don’t really care who will benefit from your products or services. This is because every product or services has an age bracket that’s targeted to.

It’s wise you take out some time to send just 5 requests a day. You need to grow slowly to ensure that the right people will be interested in your products or services in the long run. From there, you can go to other social media you belong to such as Twitter, LinkedIn and mention your page in groups and invite people to join. However, you need to provide engaging information, so that people will know that you have something to say.

Promote your Page

Add your Facebook page URL to your business cards to show the link. Include the link on your website. Once people who love following people on social media see this, they’ll soon start following your page.

Use a Facebook Ad

You can run a Facebook ad to boost your page posts. You can use different campaigns, though it’s important you write headlines/ad verbiage same on each on two different words.

Post as many as you can in a day

Depending on your strength, post a few times a day. You should post as your Page, not as your Profile. Posting daily or as often as possible is a way to ensure your page visibility. And with this, a Facebook algorithm can recognize your posts and make it rank on Facebook

The best times to share on your page according to research are after work in the evening, weekends or off-peak days of the week. Find time to know your real followers and where there’re following from.

Observe your competition

It’s wise you watch your competitions. You can add your competition’s page at the Pages to Watch tab on Facebook. Follow the pages that inspire you and learn from them.

Add a call to action/ call button

This feature will enable your followers to call you directly from your Facebook page through your phone number on the call to action button. Activate the opt-in that will enable anyone who signs up to your email CRM or Mailchimp.

Hire someone to manage your page

Well, it depends on how much spare time you have for yourself. It’s safer you hire someone you can work part-time to help you manage the page. This will help manage your posts and monitor your ads.