Facebook Buy and Sell | Facebook buying and market Place

Facebook Buy and Sell | Facebook buying and market Place

Facebook buy and sell -In this 21st century, buying and selling have to take a great shift from block shops to online stores. Through facebook business pages, one can own an online shops on Facebook and operate from home. You can sell your goods, products or services online more than most people can sit down on your block shops to sell.

facebook buy and sell

If you make use of the Facebook ads, you triple your customers, followers and audience and hence you can make more money selling on Facebook.This is what is made possible via Facebook Buy and sell the platform.

This evolution brought in online market stores like eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon, Jumia, Konga and many others. Facebook is not left out, because they’ve joined the existing e-commerce with features on their website that allows users to use Facebook buy and sell features.

Recently, Facebook announced its plan to use Cryptocurrency payment features for payment for ads on Facebook. This feature is known as Facebook Cryptocurrency.

This feature has turned Facebook into a marketplace where people now buy and sell. It’s more than the social media it’s used to be. Now, Facebook is a big Marketplace.

Importance of Facebook buy and sell groups

People can take advantage of Facebook buy and sell groups to market their products and d services. It’s a very good and cheap means of making business awareness and selling products.

With these features, you can reach a very great number of clients on Facebook. This is easily achievable by using the advantage of the Billion users on Facebook. Most people are on Facebook and because of that, buying and selling can easily take place on this platform.

You can easily use Facebook buy and sell platforms like the Facebook marketplace and Facebook groups. These two features are now for a buy and sell the platform for your products and services by people.

You can see people creating business Facebook pages, groups and posting adverts on their timelines for their friends to see.

Facebook Buy and Sell groups

It can be turned on by the admin of the group to enable members to interact and buy and sell. These groups are different from normal Facebook groups.

The groups allow people to place some list of items for sale. People can mark items as sold and search items to buy. This Facebook feature is available for some selected countries and groups.

How to turn on the Buy and Sell Feature on your Facebook group

  • You’ll first of all have the group admin rights so that you can turn on or off of the buy and sell feature.
  • Go to your Facebook homepage and click the three dots at the top right hand of the page.
  • Choose ‘’Edit Group’’ from the drop-down in your group settings page.
  • Click on the ‘’Change’’ button next to ‘’Group Type’’. From the dialog box, select ‘’Buy and Sell’’ and hit the ‘’Confirm’’ button.
  • When you’re through, click on Save the Changes to save the changes. In case you want to turn off the feature, follow the same procedure. Just select a new group type and save the changes you’ll make.
The Facebook Marketplace

This is another Facebook platform that has Facebook buy and sell options.  Facebook brought in this idea with a view of helping people get a better connection for buying and selling of items.

This feature gives Facebook users an opportunity to buying and selling items just like the real market situation.  Facebook Marketplace is only available on the mobile Facebook app at the time of release.

The Marketplace icon replaced the messenger icon. It appears at the center of Facebook below the bottom row.

How Facebook buys and Sells features ensures the confidence of sellers and buyers.

Facebook helps buyers to buy and sell with confidence through their commerce and ads IP Tool. This allows users the right to operate the marketplace post and make group sales and search ads.

Users get to know the laws in their various countries which require them to provide some basic information. Such information includes their name, street address, email, vat number or registration number before they can start selling on Facebook.