Facebook data | How to Backup your Facebook data

Facebook data-If you’ve ever lost, misplaced or can’t find any information you uploaded to your Facebook account, then, this Backup Facebook data article is for you. Well if you haven’t lost, you may lose one tomorrow if you’re not careful.

Facebook data

I don’t wish you to lose any information either. But if you know someone who’ve lost or who may lose any data on facebook then, don’t read this article alone. Read it and share with others, mostly friends who have no backup for their Facebook information.

Facebook users have the privilege to backup Facebook data that they’ve shared on the Facebook over the years. It’s very important that you download your own version or a copy of all the information you post on Facebook. The will enable you to have an offline copy of your uploaded data on the Facebook platform.

If you have all your offline data on Facebook, you can now burn them in a CD, DVD or save them in a Flash or external hard disc and on your computer.

Why Backup Facebook Data?

We all know that nothing is permanent. Most times, Social media platform can shut down for some reasons. In some cases, it may be suspended by the government of some countries. But the worst case can be having the social media crashed. This will amount to your losing all the information you’ve on the platform.

However, if you have a second plan like the backup Facebook data for a facebook account, you won’t have to cry all through if the unexpected happens.

Which Data can you backup on Facebook?

Facebook users can conveniently download all the posts, pictures and videos that have shared on Facebook. Also, they can download backup messages and chats of other Facebook users. Both their personal profile info on their timeline, page can also be downloaded.

In addition, users can download the list of their friends, Pending friend requests, their groups, ads they clicked and all the list of their followers on their pages.

How you can Backup Facebook data

It’s very easy and simple. Facebook users can access the Backup Facebook data link from the Facebook general setting section. You can do this through the steps below:

Log in your Facebook account using your computer (Laptop or desktop). However,  not with your mobile phones.

Locate the tiny arrow at the upper right corner of your page and click on ‘’Setting’’  close to the bottom

It’ll lead you to the ‘’General Settings’’ page

On this page, you’ll see a link that says ‘’ Download a copy of your Facebook Data’’

Click on it, then, it’ll show another page that says ‘’ Download   your information’’

You’ll see get a copy of what you’ve shared on facebook

Tap the green ‘’Start my archive’’ button and download your Facebook data.

After this, a pop-up box appears asking you to confirm if you want to create an archive.  Click on the blue ‘’Start my archive’’ button.

Then, Facebook will ask you to verify your identity again before you have access to download the file.

Facebook will start creating your personal archive as a download file

You’ll get a message telling you that you’ll get an email when your download the file is ready.

This link will lead you back to Facebook and you’ll have to re-enter your Facebook password again

After this, you have an access to save your file as a zipped file on your computer.

Select the folder you wish to store the files and it’ll save in the folder who choose

When you open the folder, you’ll see a file with the name ‘’index’’. Double click on It. It’s the basic HTML webpage that links to all files you’ve downloaded.

Final  Settings 

Once all these processes are complete every album is saved in its own folder.  And all pictures will be seen in a folder known as ‘’Photos’’. And all your HTML files and images saved in a different image file. Also, your HTML file will come under the timeline.

The backup Facebook data feature keeps your data safe on Facebook. So, you can access your data any time you want. It’s time to take the right action by creating your Facebook backup data now!