Facebook Dating App | Get Easy Dating On Facebook

Facebook Dating App |  Get Easy Dating On Facebook

Facebook dating app is a platform for singles to meet each other and get to know each other more and possibly engage in a relationship that may possibly lead to them spending their life together forever.

facebook dating app

I know that not everyone is aware of this but the fact is that the social media giant Facebook has put up a dating app to their Facebook platform.

It dates back when the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that they’ll be rolling out the service of the Facebook dating app in two countries: Canada and Thailand on September 20, 2018.

One feature about this app is that It’ll enable users who are in an exclusive relationship to pause their Facebook profile if they don’t need or want to meet more people.

The testing of this product called dating started in Colombia, and Users who are 18 years and above in Colombia can start creating dating profiles. There’s no doubt that Facebook will have a huge advantage over Tinder and Bumble who have been in the business for long since most people already have Facebook accounts.

Now you’ve to understand that Facebook is the dating app you’ll use to access the dating feature on Facebook.

Facebook Dating App- How it Works

As I said earlier, a Facebook dating app is referred to as Facebook is the dating app though it houses the dating feature called dating home. It helps singles to get easy connections to each other. However, lots of people are using it now, so there’s no more waiting, get on with Facebook dating app and meet singles within your location.

The main purpose is to meet singles who are in need of a relationship and hook up with someone of the same interest and start building up a long-lasting relationship.

All you need to start is a Facebook account, then your dating profile which is different from your main Facebook profile.

Steps to create a Facebook account

To get to the dating home, all you need is your Facebook account. If you want to be among the numerous users of this app worldwide you must be an existing Facebook account owner though, your Facebook friends won’t see your dating profile but only the users of the dating home can see your profile.

To create your own Facebook account follow the below steps:

  • Log on to your browser and locate www.facebook.com
  • Fill in your full name, phone number, and email address
  • Fill in a password for your account and your gender
  • Provide your date of birth and click on the signup button to continue with your application

Steps to login to your Facebook account

After creating your Facebook account, you can log in to it by visit the Facebook site and fill your phone number or email address, key in your password and click on the Login tab.

Steps to using FB Dating app

Though there’s no separate Facebook app other than Facebook itself. Below are how it works.

  • Go to your Facebook account
  • Scroll to your Facebook profile
  • On your profile, you’ll see a heart-shaped icon, click on the icon on your profile
  • Start creating your dating profile. To achieve this, you need to add your gender, likes, and interest. Include your location and your picture.
  • Tap the confirm button and from here, you’ll get a connection with someone and hook up with singles on the platform.