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Facebook Dating Site | Facebook Dating Near Me | Facebook Dating App

Facebook Dating Site is an amazing place to be. As you already know, Facebook connects billions of people all over the world.

facebook dating site

It is therefore considered one of the best platforms for online dating. Especially with the numerous dating groups on Facebook.

At the moment, Facebook is considered one of the most popular online dating platforms which offer free online dating services. A whole lot of individuals have met their partners on this platform. In the same vein, some of these relationships have led to lifetime relationships. Therefore, if you are in search of a partner Facebook is probably the platform you should start your search from.

Importantly, Facebook’s new dating feature is now available in Canada. It is specifically for people who wish to date on the platform. That means you can find singles with ease and probably start your own love journey.

Facebook Dating  site Feature In Canada

The Facebook Canada dating feature is now available in Canada. With that, you can now enjoy exclusive dating services right on your Facebook. Especially if you are tired of using other dating platforms.

Hence, it is now time to try out your luck in dating using the Facebook dating feature. In that light, we’re here to help get to know some important aspects of Facebook dating features.

  1. The Facebook dating feature is a part of the Facebook app. As a result, users can opt-in to enjoy dating services on the platform. This means that you don’t join automatically but only when you choose to opt-in yourself.
  2. Also, if you are interested in using this feature, you don’t have to worry. Especially about having your dating activities shown on your Facebook feeds. Interestingly, you will have a separate profile different from your personal Facebook profile.
  3. Facebook will also match you to people based on things you have in common. That means you will receive suggested matches and choose which you want to connect with. With that, once two people express interest in each other, they can easily send private messages to each other on messenger or Whatsapp.
  4. Additionally, the Facebook dating profile is not visible to everyone on Facebook. You can choose who you wish to see your dating profile. Therefore, only suggested matches can see your dating profile. So, friends and family members cannot see it unless you make it visible to them.
  5. Additionally, you can join groups and opt-in to events if you want. On the other hand, this makes your dating profile visible to such people on the platforms. Although, events and groups can be a good way to meet potential matches and start something meaningful with them.
  6. Importantly, the privacy of your dating profile is in your hands. If you wish, you can decide to hide your profile from friends or family members. If you wish, you can make it visible to them. In the same vein, you can block or report people you don’t want to have access to your dating profile.

How to Find Singles On Facebook Dating Site

If you are down for dating on Facebook, then you probably need tips. Nice tips for finding singles on the platform and start your dating journey.

  1. The first tip you need to set up your Facebook to be attractive and appealing. Especially to other singles on the platform. With this in mind, you can add personal details that are likely to attract the opposite sex.
  2. Also, use the Facebook search bar to your own advantage by searching singles in your location using specific keywords. With the search results, you will get a list of people or groups. Then check out the people you like and send them requests. Also, you can check out people on dating groups and send them private messages if they are interested.
  3. Also, check out profiles of male friends or female friends of your friends. Mostly if they are single or if they match your taste, who knows you may find love from there. All you need to do is send requests to the ones you are interested in. Luckily, if they accept, you can start chatting with them.
  4. Facebook discover feature is yet another awesome tool you can use. Especially for finding dates on Facebook. With it, you can check the events people you like to meet are attending and meet them there.
  5. To be able to use the Facebook discover feature you just have to update your profile on the discover people page. From there, you can register your interest to attend, or that you have been invited to an event. As a result, when you tap into the events, you get a list of profiles of people attending the events.
  6. Additionally, the Facebook discover feature shows you a list of people living close to you. As well as those working in the same company as you that are attending particular events. Interestingly, you can hang out with them there if you want. This is an amazing way of meeting people in person. Also, it is also a safer way to start dating people who live in your local area.
  7. Therefore, discover people’s features can help you find people who have things in common with you. It also allows you to access profiles of people in your community. This means you can easily meet people on Facebook. And additionally, hang out with them.
  1. As you know, dating has gone digital, people now find love online. Facebook is considered one of the largest online dating platforms. Especially with its vast number of users. You, therefore, stand a chance of meeting any individual of your choice on Facebook.

With the new Facebook dating site feature now available, dating on the platform would be a quite wonderful experience. Who knows, you might start a relationship journey that goes beyond the platform.


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