Facebook Homepage | New Features on the Facebook Home Page

Facebook Homepage | New Features on the Facebook Home Page

Facebook Homepage is also popularly known as News Feed. It can easily be accessed by clicking “Home or your Name” in the upper-right corner of any Facebook page.

Facebook homepage

That means you have two main pages of Facebook also known as News Feed and your Timeline. As a result, when you click on Home, you’ll be directed to your personal home page.

On your Facebook homepage, there’re links for just about anything you intend to see or do on Facebook. Whereas at the center of the page, you have a column for News Feed.

 This is the part, which features your friend’s updates.

Additionally, on the left side of the page, you have clickable navigation links. These are the links that direct you to important areas of Facebook. Especially to areas that relate to your account. Such areas could be the pages you start.

As well as, groups you have joined, and lists you curate, and also your apps and interests.

When on default settings, the News Feed at the center of the page displays the updates that your friends have posted. Especially those, that are getting the most attention with replies.

You can click on the down arrow close to the News Feed at the top left of your navigation links, most recent posts. You can do so, if you like to see each post from each of your friends, in the order of posting.

In addition, from the right side of the page, you can navigate down to watch a live ticker. And many more of your friend’s activities on Facebook.

From there, you’ll see when they “Like” and/or comment on someone else’s status. And also, photo, or video, as well as when they become friends with someone else.

When you hover your mouse pointer on each post, it causes an enlarged version of the activity to open. It does so, in order for you to Like or comment, without having to jump to the page. These are just a few. If you continue in this article, you’ll see some of these important sections.


You can click the tiny calendar to see links to upcoming events in chronological order. These are those events, that you have been invited to.


This is significantly represented by a tiny gift box icon. When clicked, the birthdays link to view which of your friends has a birthday on that day.

If you click the link, you can see the names, and be able to post happy birthday wishes. Of course, the ones which show up directly on their pages.

Additionally, there’s a link you can use in giving a birthday gift. Clicking on the link directs you to Facebook gifts, where you can give a gift as small as $5.


At the bottom, on the right side of the screen is a box marked Chat. When you click on the box, it opens a box that allows you to text to your online Facebook friends. It is also this link that allows you to place a video call.

All these and more from your Facebook homepage. On the Facebook homepage, you can get access to any of the Facebook features you want to use.

All you need to know is what you are looking for. More so, the right button to click. With that, you can find it all on the Facebook homepage.

Even though Facebook does some upgrade features frequently, most of the features still stay the same. Interestingly, you easily navigate your way through and find what you are looking for with ease.