Facebook Insights | Facebook Targeting Options | Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Insights|Facebook Targeting Options | Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook insights are available to Facebook page owners.To know how to access Facebook insight, click on the gear wheel, and remember that this feature is available for Facebook page owners

Facebook insights

Once you’ve clicked the gear button, select ‘‘insights’’Once you are in the insights dashboard, you are shown different metrics such as the total number of likes.

You will be able to see if your total number of views has been increasing or decreasing.Additionally, you  can also see the exact number of users on the pageFurthermore on insights menu, you can see the total number of people talking actively about your page.

Your weekly total reach is also shown as well.Listed below are some of the amazing features Facebook Page users will see and use on the Facebook Insight dashboard.

How to Use Facebook Insights

Once you are in the Facebook insights feature or dashboard, you will see your latest post and learn about their performance.This is a very important feature of Facebook insights, as it shows you which post are performing better.Thereby you can implement that post strategy to your subsequent posts

All post types

Facebook page Post can be sorted by the following categories.

Regular Posts: – regular posts are usually pictures and write-ups, attractive pictures and interesting write-ups are the most popular Facebook post.

Links: – link posts can be called referrals; it directs the user engaging said post to another platform or website.

Videos: – video posts sometimes vary; I could just be a snippet with a link directing you to the actual post.

Platforms posts:- platform posts are used to showcase what the page is about and what they are moving.

Question: – question post are post intending to engage the users, they are smart and capable of eliciting response from the user.

Knowing these various categories is very useful as it lets you know the viability of your post.Additionally, it shows you your most viable post as stated above, so you don’t need to shuffle through your post to find out.

Once you found said post, the details of that post is given, like the exact tome the post was made.The title of said post, its performance or reach and most importantly, its engagement.

By engagement we mean the number of users that saw the post, the number of users that stayed on that post.

The number of shares, on the post. As well as performance indicators in percentage form.Furthermore, it is important knowing the vitality of each post as it gives you a blueprint for subsequent posts.

Facebook Targeting Options

Listed above are the options that are available to page users using the Facebook insights page to boost their targeted audience.

More so, the audience that engages your posts more will help you understand what to do in setting up your ad set.The option when configuring your ads setting include

  • Connections: – you can choose to Include or exclude certain users from your audience based on connections to your Pages, apps or events.
  • Location: – you can also set up your location range, thereby increasing the possibility of getting more viable users for your cause.
  •  Gender: -you can select the gender you wangt viewing your ads, especially if you feel some topics are too sensitive for the opposite sex.
  •  Age: – this is another factor as your targeted audience have to be in the right age to access your product.
  • Custom Audience: This are audience that you know already and you want to position your ads for them to see it.
  • Language: your ads can also be limited to certain people to reduce the risk of information barrier.
  • Detailed Targeting: With the various options listed above at your usage, it’s obvious you can exclude just about any one from your audience as well as include anyone as well.