Facebook Marketplace app | sell on Facebook Market place easily

Facebook Marketplace app | sell on Facebook Market place easily

Facebook marketplace app – Do you know Facebook has a marketplace? Oh, Facebook have a marketplace. In this article, we’ll let you know about the Facebook marketplace and how you can run your business on the platform.

facebook marketplace app

Facebook is a social media like we all know, but it’s a big platform that brings people together from different countries.

On this platform, people get to share contact and also know each other; a lot goes into a serious relationship through this platform. On this platform, you can play games, read the news and get to know what’s happening around the world. Different people around the world visit this platform.

You can do anything you like on the platform, make a post, make a video, and many more things. So many people have made money through this platform, they’re many more another thing you can do in this platform.

In this platform, we’ll be telling you one of the things you can do on this platform that can give you money. Now we’ll be looking at the main topic, we’ll let you know what this marketplace is all about and how you can benefit from it.

Facebook Marketplace app

Most people who have been using Facebook for a long might really not know much about this platform. Facebook marketplace is mainly used for business, it’s a place where people come to buy and sell.

This simply means as a user of this platform, you can participate in it. The feature of this platform is very much, you can’t only buy and sell new items, and however, you can sell used items.

If you’re a businessman or woman and you’re looking for a platform to sell your product, then the Facebook marketplace is the best option for you. One of the features of this platform is that it’s free, you really don’t need to pay money to market your product.

We’ll be guiding you on how you can buy and sell your product; we’re going to be giving you all you need to know in this article. Make sure you follow the guide carefully so that you won’t miss every bit of it.

How to Buy on Facebook Marketplace app

Firstly, you need to know that conducting any form of business on this platform is very free. You either communicate with the seller through your chatbox or exchange contact with the seller for easy communication. We’ll be listing some steps here for you, this help will help guide you through on you can buy from the platform.

  •  the first step is to log in to your Facebook account.
  • Go to the news feed and click on the marketplace icon.
  • When you get to the marketplace icon, search and locate the item you want to buy, then click on it.
  • You can now contact the seller in the market place but you can do this in two ways such as you can click on the message option to a custom message to the seller. Another way you can massage the seller is by clicking on the send option, it’ll immediately send a message to the seller.

You can’t buy and sell on this platform if you don’t have a Facebook account, but you can create one for yourself. Let’s guide you on how you can do that if you’re confused. You can easily go to your app store on your device, then search for the Facebook app. The app is always designed with a latter “F” which signifies facebook, click on it and fill in your details.

If you have an account already, then you can proceed with the directive we’ve provided in the article. However not all Facebook has the marketplace icon, this can occur because some facebook marketplace is only available in some selected regions.

If didn’t find this in your Facebook, it means your region doesn’t have the marketplace. But you can search for it using www.facebook.com/marketplace to find out more.

How can you sell on the Facebook Marketplace app?

This is the topic some persons are waiting for. You might have asked this question countless times, not to worry; we’ll bring an answer to it now. In this platform, anyone can sell once you’re up to 18 years and above. You must also be a registered user of the platform. Selling on this platform is similar to buying method.

Locate the region that has access to the Facebook marketplace. For you to sell on this platform, you’ll first create a public listing, anyone on the marketplace and on the news feed can see your market when you create it. We’ll be listing so steps that’ll guide you to start selling on the Facebook marketplace.

  • Click on login to login to your Facebook.
  • Go to the marketplace icon on your news feed and click on it.
  • Create new listening, and click on the item for sale.
  • Add a photo to upload the photo of the item you want to sell from your device.
  • You can fill in the basic information the buyer needs to know about the item you want to sell.
  • Go to next and clicks on it, then click on publish to post your marketplace listing.

When you’re done with these steps, you can enjoy the marketplace and wait for buyers to start coming.

This platform enhances business transactions, so many persons have countless times benefited from this platform. Facebook marketplace is an easy place to market your product without stress and make your money as well without stress.