Facebook Page Template | how to change your Facebook page Template

Facebook Page Template | Ways to change your Facebook page Template

Facebook page template is already been redesigned to ensure that provides users with greater and good services to your Facebook page. With the new Facebook page template design, you can easily connect with people that care more about your business on Facebook.

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The new Facebook Page Template is well designed to focus more on your page’s action buttons for contact, Book, shop, price range, recommendations and so on.

However, it could be that your Facebook page is presently set to the standard template which is the default layout for all Facebook pages. By this, it’ll display any action buttons that you’ve set up and also show the tabs on the left-hand side of the page such as the following:

Home-showing the main landing area

The Posts- it shows all your posts both videos and photos

Videos-showing all the videos you’ve uploaded

 About  page-it shows an overview of your page

Community- it reveals to your friends and followers about your page

Job listing- It shows  all your present vacancies

The Groups- it shows the groups that you’ve linked to your page.

Ads & info- Here, it shows the ads that you’re currently running

However, if any of these like linking your page to any group or you’ve not posted job vacancies on Facebook, you can remove these from the list.

Once you operate a service-based business with a standard Facebook template get notifications on a Facebook page template.

However, the Facebook page template is made to really emphasize the tabs that matter most to the business’s targeted audience. It enables owners to customize how their page appears to fans. They can easily arrange or rearrange the sidebar tabs and help to improve their conversion rate.

Benefits of new Facebook page Template to businesses

Looking at the new Facebook page template you’ll discover that it’s something that is what having especially with the aspects of the ad of it that allows your friends and the public to see your call to action,  phone number and a title that business owners want them to see. Below are the benefits that the new template offers to local business owners:

Offers them more and better control  over their presence online

There’s a more defined Facebook presence that may lead to them having more fans, views, and engagement.

Provides users with the ability to  emphasize  details that are very important to local customers

Users can place the map closer to the top of the page

In addition, a customized layout can lead to faster information on mobile. Local business owners can decide to move the About tab higher to boost the page visibility of their local details and make increases mobile customers’ ability to find their physical store location.

Different Facebook Page Templates

Besides the original default layout, Facebook has other new six templates for specific industries and business categories. The essence of this is to enable the business to get the right visibility by highlighting content that customers or fans care more about. Below are some of the Templates:


It’s the default layout for every Facebook Page. However, it contains six tabs that apply to all businesses such as Home, Posts, Videos, Photos About and likes. Well if for any reason you wish to continue using the standard layout, you have the option of rearranging the order of the tabs or add extra sections to support your business like events or Notes.

2. Shopping

It’s another template that enables retailers to show off their products and help online shopping. If you need quick access to up-to-date sales, news on products and recent activity. Hence, that’s why you have the posts tab at the top of the Layout. Through the handy shop tab, you can feature specific products and deals.

In case your page isn’t much that has shopping template benefits, just keep your Facebook page active with frequent posts and incorporate Visual content whenever possible.

The sharing of photos and videos of new products and events goes a long way to boost your sales and business presence. It’ll even attract new fans and increase your page engagement.

3. Venues

Venues templates is best for upcoming events, location details in the ‘About’ tab and visual content such as videos and pictures.

It’s good in ensuring the hours and event details online. This is mostly when the primary button on this encourages consumers to ‘learn More’ instead of contacting the business directly.

4. Gaming

This layout has almost the same features as the Standard Facebook Page Template. Its priority is on videos and photos of recent posts. Since most games are good at using videos to arrest the consumer’s attention and help inspire them to download the games and start playing.

5. Politicians

Public figures also use Facebook in reaching to their communities on a local or national level, this template helps the public to send a message to the page manager.

It contains a Notes tab in the default. With this, politicians can take advantage of it to share deep comments with their followers/supporters. Through this medium, they can offer their own view/stance on more complex issues in the community or nation.

6. Professional Services

It’s a Layout that contains a detailed highlight of the services you offer. This layout contains a tab that encourages potential customers to contact them. It has a primary call to action of the phone number of the business and comes with a variety of tab to help sell the services.

It’s wise you make use of any of the suggested tab on the template so that your consumers can easily access your business.

7. Restaurant and Cafes

Besides serving quality food and a moderate cost, any other thing that users consider is the menu, hours and location. This layout shows photos and other tabs that offer the restaurant owners the opportunity to show off their best and attractive dishes and menu.

In managing a restaurant or café you sure have to post high quality and relevant images of the food and décor to keep your page attractive.

Steps to edit your Facebook business page template

You can access the new template by going to your Facebook page and clicking the ‘Manage Tabs’ at the left-hand side. Below the ‘Edit page’ tab you’ll see options for adjusting the page layout.

However, if you’re selecting a new layout for the first time, it’ll be set to standard.

Click on the ‘Edit’ at the right and select any of the seven layouts. You’ll be able to view the templates without updating the page and your customers won’t see the new layout unless you confirm that you wish to apply it to your page.

Customizing your Facebook Page Template

Now that you’ve chosen a template for your Facebook page, you can further customize the layout. To do this, scroll down and view tabs and drag and drop the tabs to enable you to rearrange them in the sidebar. You can as well click ‘Add a Tab’ below the page and insert items that aren’t part of the main template.