Facebook Reminder | Ways To Set And Delete Facebook Reminders

Facebook Reminder | Ways To Set And Delete Facebook Reminders

The Facebook reminder is a social media where people chat on end. It stands as one of the basic utility tools on Facebook for creating reminders. It’s really a utility feature on Facebook that’s both useful to an individual and also the members of a great number in the same discussion, activity or event.

facebook reminder

This feature is in the chat service of Facebook and it’s the only reminder available in the Facebook messenger app. Its function isn’t dependent on the Facebook mobile app. It’s not mobile dependent, this means that irrespective of your device OS, you can get a notification when someone using another operating system creates a reminder. By breaking it down, it means that a notification by a friend using Android OS can reach another friend using iOS and vice versa.

How to set Facebook reminder Facebook

  • you’ll conveniently set your Facebook reminder following the steps below 🙁 Android users)
  • Tap and open your Facebook Messenger
  • Select the particular conversation you want  to create the reminders for
  • Click o the icon at the top –right corner of your conversation to get access to your chat settings.

iPhone users

  • Those using iPhones can easily tap on their names on the top of the phone screen to view the chat settings.
  • Select the ‘’Set an Event Reminder’’ from the list to create your reminder
  • Set ‘’Date and Time’’ of the required reminder from the pop-up window and click
  • The event will be listed in the chat. Just click on ‘’Reminder’s date’’ and move on to the main view of the reminder
  • From the complete screen view, you’ll be able to set the name and location of the event you want.
  • Any change you make informs other users    about it in the chat
  • As soon as the time condition is reached, Facebook sends an automated to the conversion to remind those involved in it.

How to delete Facebook Reminder

  • If for any reason you don’t like the Facebook reminder set in your chat, you can remove it by editing it from your notification settings.
  • Follow the steps below to delete your Facebook reminders:
  • Log on to your Facebook account
  • Click on ‘’Account ‘’Link. You can locate this at the top right side of the page. Click on the ‘’Account settings’’ shown from the drop-down lists. You’ll see the ‘’Account settings’’.
  • Click on ‘’ All Notifications’’. It’ll show a list of all notifications that pop up. Each of the notification comes with a checkbox next to it.
  • Move to the notification. Any notification you subscribed to will be checked in the box. It’s either the ‘’Email or the ‘’ mobile column.
  • Click on the checked box near each of the notification type you want to remove. It’ll delete the checkmark from that box and it’ll prevent you from getting further notification from the selected notification.