Facebook rooms | Facebook’s answer to Zoom and House party

Facebook  rooms | Facebook’s answer to Zoom and House party

Through  the Facebook  rooms, you’ll be able to create a virtual hangout right from Facebook or Messenger. Social media giants Facebook, has seen the demand for real-time video skyrocket in recent weeks as more and more people are turning to technology.

facebook rooms

This demand is due to users desperate to remain connected while practicing social distancing.Between their mega messaging platforms, Messenger and WhatsApp now has  over 3 billion accounts.Out of the 3 billion accounts, you should note that over 700 million users are participating in calls per day.

The maximum number of individuals on the above mentioned platforms normally allowed on video call is trivial compared to their conference call rivals. Currently as of writing the maximum number that can participate in video chats is limited to eight.

Plus and let’s be honest ‘‘to help compete or surpass mega rivals like Zoom and Houseparty’’ Facebook is rolling out their own alternative feature called Messenger Rooms.

What to do with Facebook Rooms

With the Messenger Rooms, you’ll be able to create a virtual hangout right from Facebook or Messenger and invite anyone to partake.

You can even share your room on Facebook through the News Feed, Events or Groups so others can move into and out at their leisure.

Optionally, you’ll be able to remove people from a call or lock an area down if you like so many others value your privacy.

Speaking of, Facebook said it built Rooms with security and privacy in mind.

If you create a messaging room through the Messenger app, you’ll have additional access to features like AR effects, mood lighting and 360-degree backgrounds.

A Rooms chat can accommodate up to 50 people and isn’t restricted by time zones. Facebook said it soon plans to feature the flexibility to make rooms from Instagram Directly, WhatsApp and the web page for even more flexibility.

Facebook are rolling out Messenger Rooms in select countries in the week with plans for a world launch within the coming weeks.

This is a common feature with the Facebook Corporation, as its updates are usually carried out in phases.

So don’t be dismayed if the feature isn’t available in your country yet, it just might not be available in your country yet.

Like many Facebook feature, the messaging room feature will definitely work better if you have the messaging app on your phone. And the feature is very likely to be available exclusively on the Facebook messenger platform,

So if you don’t have the Facebook messenger app on your device, kindly follow  these instructions to get it.

Facebook  rooms messenger download

The following instruction are required to download the Facebook Rooms messenger app.

  • Open your device app store on your Smartphone, Google play store for android & apple play store for iphone.
  • Now tap on the search bar on the top of your device
  • Now type in ‘‘messenger app’’
  • Select messenger from the myriad of options
  • For iphone users tap on the ‘‘get icon’’ to download and Install the app.
  • For android users tap on the ‘‘install’’ icon to download and install the app also.

Downloading takes time depending on your network carrier and the signal strength in your area so you might have to be patient.