Facebook Stalker | How to Use Facebook Stalker | Facebook app

Facebook Stalker | How to Use Facebook Stalker | Facebook app

How to Use Facebook Stalker is our focus in this article. With this knowledge, you can put a lid on strangers monitoring your activities on Facebook.

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It, therefore, protects you from the prying eyes of strangers who keep tabs on your online actions. Additionally, you can block Facebook Strangers, from finding you in a Facebook search or any other search, and keep strangers from seeing your Facebook profile.

You can do this by blocking anyone who is not on your list. What you do is block them from seeing your profile and following up on you.

How to Use Facebook Stalker

To block someone who is stalking you on Facebook is easy. Simply follow the steps below;

  1. The first step would be to scroll to privacy settings and make adjustments to your Facebook privacy settings.
  2. The next step is to enter the stalker’s name and get them blocked, from ever seeing you again
  3. Additionally, you can also block the stalker from their own profile, by looking in the area where their cover image is. Once you locate the small menu with three horizontal dots, select what you want to do from the two options. Either “Report or Block” to keep the stalker at bay and away.

How to Know You Are Being Stalked On Facebook

  • On the Facebook site, you may not be able to trace who has visited your profile at all times. Interestingly, Facebook keeps track of the friends who have checked out your ephemeral Facebook Stories updates, and gathers their names, in a list, that only you can see.
  • Also, you can create secret lists of friends, even though there’s no way of knowing if you on someone’s secret list. So, if another Facebook user, adds you to their secret list, the creator gets a notification each time you post anything on Facebook.

Reasons for Facebook Stalking

There are so many reasons for Facebook stalking. Some of them include;

  • Someone may stalk to learn more about you, and probably to know you better
  • Also, if someone finds you suspicious, the person can decide to look up your profile.
  • The person trying, to track down your activities, and those closest to you
  • Some may want to monitor the places you have been
  • Checking up on what things you have an interest in.
  • To view all the photos, that you’ve ever liked or commented on.
  • Get notification, and stay abreast of everything you’re doing on the Facebook app
  • Some may want to secretly view your private profile photo
  • To keep tabs on your friends through your profile
  • A Facebook stalker, may excessively view your profile and pictures as well as repeatedly send a message, or post comments to your page too.
  • Facebook stalking, is much like any other type of stalking and may become creepy once you find out someone’s been stalking you. Here’s how to find out who’s been stalking you on Facebook.