Facebook update | How to update facebook Easily


Facebook update | how to update Facebook Easily

Facebook update – Facebook is one of the biggest if not the biggest social media platform on earth today. However, you can update your Facebook to the latest version every year.

facebook update

Facebook has over 2 billion users on the platform. That’s almost 30% of the world population today. Facebook has been in operation for over 16 years.

Most people would have it difficult to believe that they’ve had a Facebook account for over sixteen years.

Facebook com or simply Facebook.com is one of the most searched keywords in the world today.

Facebook has recently made lots of updates on its platform, which has basically been a tradition. Every year Facebook rolls out a new update that usually makes the world of social media to sit up and take note.

Facebook  update 2020

Well, the platform has released lots of trending updates this year, and in case you’ve lost tracks of the update let’s take you back memory lane.

  • Online events:- online events became a theme that lots of social platforms adopted during the COVID-19 era. Events can now be hosted on the Facebook platform without the need for the participants to get together.
  • Facebook avatar:- Facebook avatar lets you customize a cartoon version of yourself to use on Facebook and another platform.
  • Messenger room: – this is another popular Facebook update that was also released during the COVID era. This lets you video call your friends and family as well as make less intense business conference calls.

These are just a fragment of the updates that Facebook com has released this year.

My personal favorite is the Facebook avatar as it brought something new into my Facebook use.

Also using it gives me the option of becoming anonymous as I could use it as my profile picture plus the added advantage of using it as a sticker.

Facebook sign-up

The amazing feature on Facebook com is only possible if you sign in with an account with Facebook.

So if you have a Facebook account simply sign-in to Facebook com today to enjoy all the amazing features on the platform.

However, if you don’t have a Facebook account well this might be a good time to make one today.

Creating a Facebook account is easy, free, and simple. Just follow the instructions listed below

  • Go to Facebook using the URL link https://www.facebook.com
  • Click on the create new password icon or button
  • On the pop-up page fill in your name and click on next
  • Fill in your year of birth on the next page. Then click on next.
  • Now enter your phone number.
  • Select your gender.
  • Create a new password so you can secure your Facebook account better.
  • Now click on sign-up
  • Your account is created and you can upload a profile picture of your choice.

Facebook.com new website outlook

Facebook updated the outlook of its homepage and its one of the biggest updates currently available. It makes using the platform very easy to use and that is such good news for active Facebook desktop uses.

Benefits of the new Facebook update

The changes made by Facebook are very simple yet impressive. If you are a desktop user and you’ve received this update, you may think that you’re using a new social media platform.

According to Facebook, the reason for the newer outlook on the desktop is because they realized that the outlook looks old.

Research provided the best outlook that users required and we have one of the best Facebook updates. So let’s list how the site has been improved.

  • Navigation:- the old Facebook site is a little bit muddled up and finding certain features usually takes lots of time.

Well, that has changed in the new Facebook platform as the view gives a simple but nice view.

  • Dark mood:- the dark mood is sought out by most social media users as it viewing easy.

The reduction of glare means you can easily use the Facebook platform without stressing your eyes.

  • Manage your Facebook page group and events easily. You can now easily manage these usually muddled up features with ease. Well this is the features on the new Facebook web platform

The feature like all Facebook features is usually released in phases. So if you have not seen this feature, don’t despair.