Facebook Video Download | how to download Videos with Download Apps

Facebook Video Download | how to download Videos with Download Apps

Have you ever loved to download any Facebook video? if you’ve tried and you couldn’t, Facebook video download apps will be so helpful to you.Read on to get more tips.

Facebook Video Download

Today, I’ll be to reviewing Facebook Video Downloading. I’m sure that at different points, you were scrolling through your Facebook news feed, and you happen to chance on a video you like.

And as well we all know Facebook doesn’t have a download feature for its videos, so yeah you’ve just lost a video you like.

If that’s your situation, well I bring you good news, there are ways of downloading on Facebook and today we are going to look into them.

 Facebook Video Downloader

You might be wondering how Facebook downloading is achievable, its totally possible and we are going to show you how.

Well to download on Facebook, youll need online video downloading apps or third party websites.

We are going to introduce you to these apps and websites as well as showing you how to use them download videos on Facebook.

FastVid Video Downloader.

This is the easiest Facebook downloading app, it helps you download Facebook videos to your android, iphone and PC.

One of the most common ways of downloading is simply to copy the link and paste it in your FastVid app.

There are other ways to download with the app including sending the videos you want to download to the app, etc.

How to Download Videos Using FastVid Apk In-Built Browser

  • Download and install the FastVid app. You can get the app by simply visiting your playstore.
  • Open the app, the select the ‘‘browse Facebook’’ icon.
  • Then sign in your Facebook account.
  • Scroll through your news feed to find the video or you could save the video on your Facebook app to find it easily.
  • Hold the video
  • Click on download and start downloaing.

Download Videos Using The Facebook Video Link

This method is also easy to use,

  • Open your Facebook app.
  • Locate the video click share, from the options given select copy link.
  • Open your FastVid app
  • Select the paste tab, paste the link and download.

Video Downloader for Facebook Videos

The next app on our list is the Facebook video downloader.

The Facebook video download app helps you save videos from Facebook news feed, status, groups, pages etc.

The app comes with a multi download, share and fast downloading feature.

 Fb Video Downloader

Next is the Fb video downloader, this lite tool helps you download in a way similar to FastVid.

You simply copy the link of the file you want to download and past it in the app, wait for the option to come up and select download.

The app runs only on android, so iphone and PC users don’t get lucky.

To download the app enter the URL link on your browser https://www.fbvideodownloader.org/.

  • Select the latest version available.
  • Select download.

Had enough yet? Well we still have more apps for Facebook video downloading

4k Video Downloader

This tool is only compatible with windows and Mac devices. Sorry Smartphone users.

The tool is actually a multi platform download app, not only does it download Facebook videos but YouTube as well.

The app is also one of the best video downloader on PC, its user friendly plus it can also be used for video conversion.

To access the video you want to download, simply go online and log into your account, once you’ve seen the video click on it and select download.

How You can Download Videos with 4k

To download and use the 4K app, follow the steps listed below.

  • Download 4k video Downloader software with this URL link  www.4kdownload.com/products/product-videodownloader.
  • Install the software
  • Open the app login to your Facebook account
  • Search for the video you want to download, either on your news feed or Facebook status.

Remember to save it as well so that you can easily access it by checking through your saved items.

  • Play the video.
  • Once it starts playing go to the URL link and copy it
  • Open a new tab on the 4K downloader app.
  • Paste the URL link you’ve copied on the paste bar
  • Now select the video format you want.

GetVid Facebook Video Downloader

GetVid is a free website where you can download your Facebook videos on.

Browsers are actually easier to use than apps since it doesn’t require you downloading any app.

To use GetVid simply copy the video link you want to download from Facebook.

To go to GetVid and simply paste the URL link in the required field.

Now select the format you want to download with and select download.


Other Facebook Video Downloader

There is also other FB video downloader you can use in downloading Facebook videos. Here they are below;

  • BitDownloader
  • ClipGrab
  • SaveFrom.net
  • SaveAs.co
  • Filevid
  • iDownloader
  • KeepVid
  • Social video downloader
  • FBDOWN.net