Facebook Video marketing Strategies | Important Facebook strategies

Facebook Video marketing Strategies | Important Facebook strategies

Facebook Video marketing Strategies- I don’t argue the fact that many have taken over to YouTube for videos, Facebook marketing strategies for video can be of significant importance to you. But many seen to look away from Facebook and stick to YouTube.

Facebook Video marketing Strategies

The good news is that about 300 hours of videos go into Facebook and it’s the best platform to market your business.  YouTube isn’t the only platform Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are also in the game. But Facebook is on top of the game.

Are you ready to promote your business? Then head straight to Facebook. With over 8 billion videos that hit Facebook daily, you can easily access the right audience on Facebook. Grab Facebook marketing strategies for videos to grow your business to that limitless height you’ve been waiting for.

Best Facebook marketing strategies for videos

Upload your videos Directly to Facebook

Facebook has lots of audiences and more video views come from Facebook. I am not doubting the fact that YouTube is a very good avenue for videos, but them uploading to Facebook will offer you more views and of course more audience.

So, Videos that are uploaded directly to Facebook stands a chance to have more attention than any other. That’s more reason you have to start uploading your Facebook natively to Facebook. More reason for this is because video posts on Facebook get about 135% more organic reach than photo posts.

With this percentage of Organic reach, Facebook has become the biggest marketing strategy among others. Let’s I forget, Facebook has an autoplay feature for those videos uploaded natively on Facebook. This feature allows users to watch videos without clicking on play.

Make your video shock your Audience in the first 4 seconds

Do you consider your video not really shocking? You should make your video has some tips to keep your audience.

Now, what will you do to make your Facebook videos interesting? All you need to do is to be more creative, use humor and some funny joke. Try and make sure that your videos catch’s your audience attention in a few seconds.

Create Immersive Stories using Facebook 360 videos

Facebook 360 is a great tool for making Facebook videos. It’s a vision by Facebook to use virtual reality as communication and at the same time as a social media interaction tool. This feature makes your video more inspiring. Use a story like to invite your audience to watch the video.

Doing this will enable a viewer to pan, rotate, and watch the video evolve from the way you’ll like.

Feature a Video on your Facebook business page

Whenever you create a good video that your fans like, they’ll love to share it and before you say ‘’Jack’’, the video has gone viral. With this, you’ll be able to increase the popularity of your page.

Include a featured video on your About Section, it should have a thumbnail larger than others on your Facebook page.

Introduce your video to your audience

Your viewers will be more willing to watch your videos when you give them some information about the content of the video. You don’t have to explain the video, just say something that will trigger their interest to watch the video. This tool is one of the  great Facebook Marketing strategies to use in FB video marketing

Add a call- to-Action-Facebook Video marketing Strategies

This is a good Facebook marketing strategy. Most Facebook videos with more views come as a result of call-to-action or CTA. You may not know how to add a call to action to your video.  In case you don’t know, a call to action appears on its own as the video appears.

Choose from the ‘’Option’’ such as ‘’Book now, ‘’shop now’’ and ‘’learn more’’.

Run Facebook Ad campaigns to increase viewers 

For you to get more viewers on Facebook, you’ve to use the Facebook Ad knowing full well that millions of videos enter facebook on a daily basis. However, you’ve to do something different to be seen in the crow.

This Ad gives your video a kind of boost to be seen by more than a thousand people per share. Once you have a sponsored video post, it’ll be seen by all your target profile.

With the Facebook Ad, you can target your audience based on your interest, location, sex, age, and profession. Most importantly Facebook Ads help you to tap on easily the market you want.

 With a handful of new viewers, your video will spread like a wildfire. All things will work out for you if you have the right content.

Leverage Facebook Live-Facebook Video marketing Strategies

Facebook live gives you the opportunity to stream live events right there on Facebook. However, don’t forget to utilize the marketing potentials of Facebook Live.


Wow, this is quite a pretty Facebook marketing strategy that allows you to promote your event ahead of time. This feature will give your audience abreast and enable them to turn up real Good. You can also build up an audience in view of the event via a countdown to the Facebook Live Date.

Mock Broadcast: Have an idea of what your audience wants to see. Ensure your audience can hear clearly.

Real-Time Broadcast

You should have a good description of the video; make sure that it contains the information that the audience wants to hear. Use this opportunity to introduce yourself and engage your viewers as you broadcast.

Make sure you end your broadcast with a call to action asking them to follow you on a Facebook page. Lastly, thank your audience for being part of the live streaming.

Post –Event

After posting the video, you can edit the video by including a custom thumbnail or improve on the description. Then include a CTA button or Choose tags or more. In addition, you can promote your Facebook Live video for more viewers.

Have a Playlist-Facebook Video marketing Strategies

There’s an option to group your Facebook videos into playlists for easy viewing. With this, you can locate the videos. You‘ll have challenges trying to go through all the videos on your page. But once you have a playlist, it’s easier to locate the videos by your viewers.

Use Thumbnails

Your viewers will see thumbnails before they see your video. So, you’ve to choose a good one to align with your brand as your Facebook marketing strategy.


Facebook marketing strategy is one of the best you can use to market your products. So you’ve to include it as one of your marketing strategies if not the first option. Therefore, don’t underestimate the benefits of using Facebook marketing strategies in growing your business.

Facebook business is growing very fast that most people depend on social media to get what they want. Please kindly share this article using any of the social media to help others too